Beta 28 Patch Note

2020-10-22 16:09:58

Part 1: Battlefield Adjustments

1.Season Games - Vision Stone

Hello everyone! We are excited to officially announce the Antaris Battlefield Season Games update plan!

1) What is "Season Games"

Season Games refers to some of the major seasonal updates to Antaris Battlefield during a ranked match season.

We pay close attention to the community and have noticed that comments regarding Antaris Battlefield come up regularly, such as "Antaris Battlefield hasn't been updated for a long time." We share and feel your disappointment. While it's true that Antaris Battlefield has rarely been subjected to major changes, that doesn't mean we've ignored players' feedback or been idle. The development team has always been committed to exploring ways to improve players' gaming experience. However, we are more cautious about making adjustments to the battlefield compared to Heroes. The battlefield is a playground for all players, so even the smallest changes can affect everyone's experience.

Now, it's time to welcome the changes!

Season Games adjustments usually only last one season. This allows us to put ideas into practice and test some bold innovations on the Battlefield.

2) Are all the Season Games changes temporary?

Currently, yes. However, we will continue to monitor community feedback relating to our changes. If a certain change receives great feedback, we will consider keeping it as part of Antaris Battlefield permanently.

3) What kind of updates are we getting in the upcoming Season Games?

The First Season Games - Vision Shards will be introduced to players after the version update.

- Details:

Vision Stone

Now, when a Middle Lane Outer Tower is destroyed, Heroes can activate the jungle's Vision by touching the Stone spawned by the Elf located below the high ground. Activating the Vision Stone provides allies with brief, but wide, true vision and continues providing vision for a short time after.

2. Battlefield Clarity Optimization

We hope to improve the clarity of Hero Abilities so that players can make better decisions in the heat of the moment. To this end, we are updating two specific aspects, the environment and battle info.

Environment Clarity Optimization

We reduced environmental contrast and adjusted the shading of objects in the environment to make ability trajectories clearer and characters more prominent, making it easier for players to notice important information when fighting.

Battlefield Clarity Optimization

(1) Optimized the display of Control and Iron Body/Invulnerability/Cannot be targeted

- Behind the changes:

In battles, Control and Boost effects are often the keys to victory or defeat. This update adjusts the UI positions of key ability effects and makes it easier for players to notice them. Even in the heat of battle, challengers will now be able to clearly see their own status and that of the enemy.

- Details:

Updated the characters' HP bar, moved the timer for the Control status effect from below the HP bar to above the HP bar, and added Control names/icons, etc

(2) Life-saving/Immune to Death effect display

- Behind the changes:

The ability to avoid being killed when a character's HP reaches zero is often a game-changer, and we want this effect to be clearly visible to both sides.

- Details:

When a character has the Life-saving/Immune to Death effect, a special icon will display at the upper left of the HP bar.

(3) Optimized Gold Obtained Pop-Up

- Behind the changes:

One of the most frequent requests we receive from players is for a clear way to know why they've received Gold. In response, we've distinguished between the different reasons for receiving Gold and created a better way to display them. We hope that challengers will now have a better idea of how their Gold was obtained.

- Details:

Distinctions have been made between the size, icons, and animations of pop-ups when players obtain Gold for a Kill/Assist/Last Hit.

(4) Improved target selection prompt

- Behind the changes:

At present, there are 3 kinds of prompts when selecting a target: HP bar highlighting, brackets on both sides of the Hero, and the circle indicator below the target's feet. To avoid blocking combat effects with these prompts, we have optimized and simplified them.

- Details:

Enhanced HP bar highlighting and removed the brackets on both sides of the Hero.

(5) Improved the timer for charging Abilities

- Behind the changes:

We want the UI to clearly show when the Abilities that require charging are fully charged.

- Details:

Added a "Max" point to the timer for charging Abilities.

3. Battlefield Visual Improvements

New Crystal Barrier (Defense Tower protection mechanism) special effects

Did you know that some Defense Towers have substantial damage reduction effects in the early game? Now, with newly-added special effects, it's easier to tell when this damage reduction effect is active, allowing players to make more reasonable judgments.

Adjusted Mini-Map circle size

Lane status can now be seen clearly on the Mini-Map!

Optimized Enraged Abyssal Dragon and Dark Slayer buff special effects

Fixed an issue where Enraged Abyssal Dragon and Dark Slayer buff special effects did not display well on some Heroes.


4. Terrain Tweaks

- Behind the changes:

We have observed

that players often stray into the dragon pit while walking near it or get stuck at the corners and have trouble getting out.

We also noticed that there is a wall in front of the second tower on the red Slayer Lane. This wall's collision feels inconsistent with its graphics and may lead to misjudgments when crossing the wall.

- Details:

Improved the openings of the Slayer Lane and the dragon pit.

Improved the graphics of the wall in front of the second tower of the red Slayer Lane.

5. Controls Improvements

(1) Improved lock-on Abilities

      a. When using a lock-on Ability (Veera's Ability 2, Butterfly's Ultimate, etc.) and pressing and holding, a red highlight has been added to more clearly indicate who is being targeted by the player's Ability.

      b. Improved target selection logic for the wheel lock cast mode, making it easier to select targets near the center of the wheel when using lock-on Abilities.

(2) Improved camera movements

After releasing your aim, the camera will remain still for a period (based on casting time).

(3) Optimized some heroes' abilities and normal attack response time

At the end of last year, we optimized some Heroes' ability and normal attack response times. This update, we optimized the remaining heroes to improve the feeling of control. However, we are aware that these changes may also lead to increases in strength for various heroes such as Omen, Enzo, Kil'Groth, Nakroth, Tel'Annas, Brunhilda, etc. And based on the actual statistical changes after the update, we will make corresponding adjustments in future balance updates.

  1. Battlefield Improvements

Equipment purchased at the beginning of the game can be resold for its original price

- Behind the changes:

Some players may accidentally choose the wrong equipment at the beginning of the game by accepting the recommended equipment, which can be a fatal mistake for Junglers and Support players. Is there really no remedy for regret in this world? Now you can have it for a short time!

- Details:

New Mechanic: Players can resell their Equipment for the original price during the first 23 seconds of the match.

Extended Mega Kill duration

- Behind the changes:

At present, obtaining Mega Kill is too difficult, and we think it's unnecessary to set such a high threshold for such an exciting moment. Now, when the path to a Mega Kill is clear, don't hesitate to sprint towards it!

- Details:

Extended the interval you have to turn your Quad Kill into a Mega Kill: 10 seconds → 20 seconds.

Bonus Gold & Brave Points for Support Players

- Behind the changes:

Support is usually the most unpopular position in Ranked. We decided to reward players who dare to play this position.

- Details:

In Ranked matches, Support players will earn 50% more gold and brave points outside of matches.

  1. Battlefield Balance

Defense Tower Damage

- Behind the changes:

We want Defense Towers to provide adequate protection for defenders in the early game. However, currently, it's a little too easy to tower dive for kills. Therefore, we increased the stacking range and limit of Defense Towers when attacking heroes.

- Details:

Stacking Range: 30% -> 60%

Maximum Stacking Limit: 250% -> 400%


- Behind the changes:

With updates and the evolution of tactics, constant leveling and waiting equipment to be built is now the preferred option. So, we have also planned a few optimizations to the monotonous gameplay for Junglers. Generally, the effectiveness of power leveling will decrease slightly and will be more susceptible to disruption. Neutral resources will also have more competitive value, especially for Junglers.

- Details:

Wild Monkey HP: 3250 -> 2500, Armor 183 -> 200, Magic Defense 183 -> 100

Jungle Monster HP has generally increased by 250 points, and Armor and Magic Defense have increased from 183 -> 200

Buffed Monster Gold 62 -> 60; Small Monster Gold 52 -> 50

BOSS Areas: Abyssal Dragon, Enraged Abyssal Dragon, Dark Slayer, Ancient Dragon

[Distribution Adjustment] The killer receives an additional 0 -> 80% gold

BOSS Gold Tweaks

Abyssal Dragon Base Reward: 50 -> 60

Dark Slayer Base Reward: 75 -> 70

Enraged Abyssal Dragon Base Reward: 150 -> 140

Ancient Dragon Base Reward: 30 -> 27


- Behind the changes:

The interval between minion waves in the early game has been extended. This will give heroes more opportunities to roam, support, and collect neutral resources.

- Details:

The interval between the first 9 minion waves: 30s -> 33s

The reward of each minion wave is increased for the first five minutes.

  1. Battlefield Ambiance

In the upcoming version, a major event that will determine the fate of all will take place in Athanor. We want the impact of this event to be reflected in the Antaris Battlefield, so we've added some changes resulting from the event to the spawn point of both sides - the awakened Soul Totem.

 Part 2: Ranked Match

1. Challenge of Valor

- Behind the changes:

We hope to provide a new top-notch arena that can give high-level players the chance to prove their strength and help them achieve a breakthrough when they reach a bottleneck in Ranked Matches.

- Details:

When the number of Veteran 5 or above players (subject to change) reaches a certain point in each season, Challenge of Valor will be activated.

Challenge of Valor opens at a fixed time every weekend. It uses the Solo and Lane Selection mode. Starting from the Hero selection interface, all players will be code-named "Legendary Challenger" until the end of the match.

Players will be able to gain additional Legendary Hero Power in the Challenge of Valor mode proportional to their total Legendary Hero Power Bonus, which is determined by Valor Points.

Challenge of Valor will reset between seasons following Ranked Matches. Players who rank in the Top 100 in terms of Valor Points in the last season will receive exclusive Challenge of Valor rewards.

2. Improved Season Activity Reward Effects

Season Activity Rewards have been around for two seasons now. This time, we've improved their presentation to make it easier for everyone to check their reward progress and status.

3. Adjusted Ranked Match Main Menu UI position

To usher in the upcoming tournament, we've adjusted some button positions in the Ranked Match Main Menu. Season Rewards have been moved from the top right to the top left. Credibility Score and other tips have been moved to the lower right corner. Other button positions remain unchanged.

4. Optimized the Legendary Mark page

As we continue to have more and more Seasons, the previous method of displaying Legendary Marks is no longer meeting the needs of some players. Therefore, we've changed the way Legendary Marks are displayed.


Part 3: Gameplay Experience Improvements

1. In-game chat report function

- Behind the changes:

We discovered that players often receive abuse from teammates or opponents in game, in the form of insults and unfriendly chat messages. These messages greatly impact players' experience and can even lead to them losing the match.

We hope that players who have been treated maliciously in-game will be able to provide timely feedback to help other players mitigate the negative effects of such chat messages. At the same time, this will also serve as a warning to players exhibiting abusive behaviors to be more restrained when chatting.

- Details:

Players can now report those who make unfriendly comments in matches. After reporting a player, you will no longer receive chat messages from the reported player.

If multiple players from different teams in the same game report the same player, or if we detect that the player has made undesirable remarks in-game, the player will be banned from chatting in-game.

2. In-game Encouragement

- Behind the changes:

We hope that players will support each other from the start of the game and promote unity by encouraging their teammates when they do well in-game.

- Details:

  1. Added a new encouragement function. After a Hero is spawned, players can tap the encouragement button on the right side to cheer on their teammates.
  2. Added an in-game Like function. When a player gets first blood, destroys a tower, gets a kill streak, ends a kill streak, and so on, teammates can give them a Like using the Like button that appears on the right side of the teammate interface.
  3. Players can enable or disable the Encouragement function via Settings.


3. Improved Hero selection interface and lane preferences

- Behind the changes:

We have adjusted the Hero selection interface in order for players to express their laning needs more clearly.

- Details:

  1. Now, when sending a Quick Chat (e.g. "Going to Dragon Lane"), a corresponding lane con will appear next to the player's Avatar.
  2. Improved Mini-Map lane display. Now players can tap on the map to more accurately choose the lane they prefer.
  3. The above functions are invalid for Lane Selection. 

4. Improved Hero selection and the Pick and Ban interface

- Behind the changes:

We have adjusted the pick clarity in the selection phase and also added a ban function. We hope that players will now have a better experience in the Pick and Ban process.

- Details:

  1. Improved the pick button's UI display to make it clearer.
  2. Added the Ban function. When players tap on a Hero they want to ban, the ban button will appear on the right side of the Avatar. Players who are eligible to ban will be able to ban the Hero with one tap.

5. Added some guidance to in-game Abilities

We have added an in-game Abilities guide to help newbies and players trying out new Heroes to more quickly learn how to play.

6. Improved more functions

- Behind the changes:

We improved the Lobby's functions so that players will have a better experience there.

- Details:

  1. Improved Return to Lobby function: After completing a match, players and teammates can now tap "Return to Lobby" to return to the Lobby and quickly adjust for the next round without interference. In 1v1, it will remain as "Play Again."
  2. When a teammate cancels a match, the whole team will return to the Lobby. This removes the need to create a new Lobby and reinvite teammates.
  3. When a match has been found and you are waiting to enter the Hero selection phase, players in the same Lobby can continue using voice chat without any interruptions.

7. Never Surrender function

We discovered that when a teammate initiates a Surrender, it sometimes disrupts players who want to fight to the end no matter what. Therefore, we have added an in-game Never Surrender function. When a teammate initiates a Surrender, players can choose to reject it, and they will no longer receive surrender reminders. The system will help players automatically refuse to surrender. (this function only affects the current match)

At the same time, players can enable the "Never Surrender" function in Settings > Basic Settings, both inside and outside the match. When this function is enabled, the system will automatically reject all Surrenders initiated by others in the match. Avoid interruptions, never surrender, and fight to the end!

 8. After a match, the Match Results MVP will display a dancing animation.

We improved the MVP display in Match Results. The original Hero dancing animation has been replaced by the animation from the Hero Main Menu.

9. Added Quick Text, "Save Hero", to Ban Pick Hero selection interface

We discovered that in the Ban Pick Hero selection interface, high-level players often offer to help teammates by typing "I can help you save a Hero." In response, we have added an option to express that you'll help save a hero to the Quick Text interface.


Part 4: Match Environment Improvements

1. Players can now report the last match in Career Victories.

We have noticed from feedback that some players forget to report from the Match Results page or accidentally skip Match Results and are not able to submit reports. In response, we have added a function to report the most recent match in Career Victories. However, there is still a time limit. Players will not be able to submit reports 5 minutes after the end of the match.

2. Improved Peer Rating points display

We revisited the "Behavior Score" concept, and it's now called "Peer Rating."Players can now choose to display their Peer Rating to other players via Settings > Basic Settings.


Part 5: Game Mode

1. 3v3

- Behind the changes:

We noticed that the old 3v3 mode has not been updated in quite a while. As it is the most popular mode after the main mode, we have always paid close attention to players' gaming experience with this mode. This time, we are excited to announce that we have solved the technical issues from players' feedback about mirroring matches in 3v3. Now, both red and blue players will be able to attack from left to right.

While solving this issue, we also carried out an overhaul of the 3v3 mode. This included upgrading and improving the graphics and gameplay. We hope that all players will have much more intense battle experiences in this updated mode.

(1) Map Mirror

- Details:

We realized that the win rate of the right team is lower than the left team and found that it's mainly due to unfamiliar player controls. Therefore, we've added the Map Mirror function. With Map Mirror, players from both sides are now able to attack from left to right.

(2) Garnak's New Active Skill

- Behind the changes:

Previously, Garnak did not provide sufficient advantages when fighting battles. This change grants players an Active Ability from killing Garnak. Its effect inflicts long-periods of freeze or greater damage to enemy buildings, which can help bring down enemy towers by reducing the Defense Tower's HP. The Ability can be also used against enemy Heroes to increase the chance of winning team fights.

- Details:

Killing Ice Garnak and Fire Garnak will now grant players the Active Abilities Frost Breath or Fiery Breath.

Frost Breath

After casting Frost Breath, there will be a 1.5 second delay before enemy units within range become frozen for 2 seconds (10 seconds on buildings) and are slowed for 5 seconds.

Fiery Breath

After casting Fiery Breath, there will be a 1.5 second delay before dealing True Damage to enemies (effective on buildings) equal to 30% Max HP and scorching the ground, dealing 2% True Damage every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds.


(3) Battlefield Adjustments

- Behind the changes:

Previously, the game was too fast-paced, which resulted in one-sided battles. To combat this, we've slowed the overall pace of the game. We have also improved some recovery abilities and reduced the number of Recalls.

- Details:

  1. Garnak's Base HP: 9,000 → 7,000.
  2. Reduced HP and Mana Regen from Kills and Assists.

HP Regen from Kills: Instantly recover 20% → Recover 10% over 5 seconds. Mana Regen from Kills: Instantly recover 15% → Recover 7.5% over 5 seconds.

HP Regen from Assists: Instantly recover 10% → Recover 5% over 5 seconds. Mana Regen from Assists: Instantly recover 10% → Recover 5% over 5 seconds.

  1. Lane Health Pots have been removed.
  2. Defense Tower: Block Heroes' normal attack damage for 60 seconds → 120 seconds. The Block value remains at 80.
  3. Crystal: Block Heroes' normal attack damage for 120 seconds → 240 seconds. The Block value remains at 80.
  4. Garnak's Passive Attributes have been reduced.
  • 1 Stack: Attack SPD +20% → +10%.
  • 2 Stacks: Attack SPD +20% → +10%, DMG Reduction +15% → +7.5%.
  • 3 Stacks: Attack SPD +20% → +10%, DMG Reduction +15% → +10%, ATK DMG +20% → +10%.
  1. Jungle Health Pots: HP +15% → +30%.
  2. Health Pots behind Tower: HP +144/s → +300/s, MP +50/s → +100/s, for 5 seconds. Spawn Interval: 22.5 seconds → 27.5 seconds.
  3. Default Ability recovers HP +106/s and MP +35/s for 5 seconds → HP and MP +5% every second for 5 seconds.
  4. Initial laning EXP and Gold +22%, Spawn Interval: 22.5 seconds → 27.5 seconds.

(4) Map Graphics Enhancement

- Behind the changes:

In order to provide players with a better gaming experience, we've enhanced the graphics throughout the entire map.


2. Color Clash Update

(1)All-new Map

The Phantom Clash map uses a new low-poly graphics style.


(2)Gameplay Additions

Heroes in Phantom Clash will gain the "Phantom Dash" Ability:

Moving forward in the Phantom form increases Movement Speed by 30% and enables players to pass through obstacles. Damaging enemy Heroes during this period will randomly trigger the following special effects:

Blue: Hits enemies 3 times with Normal Attacks or Abilities and refreshes the Abilities.

Yellow: Grants immunity to control effects and increases Max Attack Speed.

Black: Creates a black hole at the target's position that can be entered but not exited.

Movement Speed +80% when moving in the brush or when blocked.

Triggering these special effects will end Phantom Dash prematurely and players will gain reduced cooldown.

All special effects last for 5 seconds.


3. Carano Chess

(1)Bonus Event

- Behind the changes:

Random bonuses can be triggered at the start of each game, resulting in strategic changes that will lead to a new gaming experience.

- Details:

Description texts in-game have been finalized (localized).

At the start of each round, there is a chance of triggering one of the following bonuses; there is also a chance that none will be triggered. If triggered, there will be a UI prompt.

Bonus descriptions are as follows:

The specific in-game effects shall prevail.

(2) New Equipment

a. Broken Spear

Unique Passive - Swap: Swap positions with the furthest enemy.

b. Blade of Eternity

Unique Passive - Nirvana: Revive 2 seconds after death with 2,000 HP.


Part 6: Balance Tweaks

1 Hero Balance Tweaks

1) Zata:

We wanted Zata to be a high difficulty Hero with powerful abilities, but he seems to be under-performing currently. Therefore, we've adjusted his damage output and added more freedom to his ultimate to retain the current gameplay.


Windstorm Explosion Damage: 200+15/Character Lv.+0.4 AP -> 200+15/Character Lv.+0.3 AP


New: Landing enhanced normal attacks on enemies while using your Ultimate increases your chance to dash, up to 5 dashes (the number of dashes used will remain under the HP bar, and the maximum number of dashes are now added overhead).

Mid-air Feather Damage: 100/125/150 + 0.12AP + 2% Target's Max HP -> 120/150/180 + 0.15AP + 2% Target's Max HP

When successfully triggered, you can dash again within 3 seconds -> 4 seconds

Distance of each dash: 5m -> 4.6m

2) Allain:

Allain is slightly stronger late-game and slightly weaker early-game. This time, we've decided to reduce his attributes slightly and improve his Ability 1.

Basic Attributes:

Attack: (+16/Lv.) -> (+15/Lv.)

Physical Defense: (+22.5/Lv.) -> 150 (+20/Lv.)

Ability 1:

Cooldown: 4s -> 6-4s

Attack Damage Bonus: No further increase, retains the previous maximum value.


Reveals target's vision.

3) Eland'orr:

Currently, Eland'orr has a high win rate. As a highly mobile character, his damage output is among the top of the list. This time, we've focused on limiting Eland'orr's late-game damage.


Mark explosion no longer inflicts a Mark, Mark damage no longer Crits, and his area damage has been changed to single target damage.

Mark Damage: 150 + 8/Lv. + 0.3 AD -> 160 + 15/Lv. + 0.45 AD

Ability 1:

Return to position after casting Ability 1: 3s -> 4s


Stun Duration: 1s -> 0.75s

4) Lumburr:

Lumburr's Passive and Ability 1 are great for improving survivability in team fights. We hope to make him more prominent by combining his Ability 2 with his Ultimate to encourage engagements. Combined with the improved basic controls, we hope that his overall experience will be better.


Self and nearby teammates' Physical Defense and Magic Defense: 80 (+5/Lv.) -> 80 (+10/Lv.)

Triggers faster

Normal Attack:

Improved basic controls and reduced attack range.

Ability 1:

Channeling Duration: 0.5s -> 0.266s

Reduced Damage: 10%-15% -> 15%-25%

Ability 2:

Improved basic controls.

Cooldown: 12s-10s -> 11s-8s

Removed: Slow effect after knocking back enemies

Removed: Increased Movement Speed and Shield effects for hitting teammates


Cooldown: 36s-30s -> 40s-30s

Channeling Duration: 1.5s -> 1.2s

Slow Effect: 60% -> 40%

New: Immune to control effects while channeling

5) Mina:

We hope that Mina will not only be a supporting Hero, but also an easy-to-use Tank in Slayer with stable ranged damage output, lasting combat power, and the ability to catch up to targets.

Attributes: Initial HP 3,650, Initial Armor 145, Base Movement Speed 380, Growth HP 360.

Passive: (replacement)

When Mina takes damage or attacks an enemy with normal attacks, she gains one stack of Sweet Revenge: Movement Speed +2% for 5s (up to 10 stacks).

When her stacks are full, she gains immunity to movement speed reduction.

and an enhanced Ability 1: deal true damage, and HP recovery is increased by 100%.

Ability 1:

Damage: 150 (+30/Lv.) (+0.5 AD)(+5% Self Max HP) Physical Damage.

New: Recover 4% Max HP when hitting an enemy (each additional target +1%, up to 8%).

Ability 2:

Physical Damage: 150 (+35/Lv.) (+0.7 AD) -> 100 (+20/Lv.) (+1.0 AD)

Slow Effect: 50% for 2s -> 90% for 1.25s

Cooldown: 12s-9s -> 15s-12s


Added a brief channeling period.

Cooldown: 24s-16s -> 40s-30s

Taunt Duration: 2s -> 1.5/2/2.5s

Ability Delay: Changed to take effect instantly

New: Deals 250 (+125/Lv.) (+1.0 AD) Physical Damage to nearby enemies.

6) Wisp:

Wisp has ranged control and high damage output that most ranged Heroes do not have. Therefore, we hope to make her more prominent by improving her comeback capabilities and enhancing her competitive edge as a ranged Hero.

Passive: (replacement)

Wisp's normal attack deals damage twice.Her normal attack and Ultimate deal an additional 30 (+5/Lv.) Magic Damage to controlled enemies (additional hits cannot Crit).

Ability 1:

Cooldown: 10s-8s -> 5s (enters cooldown after effect ends)

Movement Distance: 4m -> 5m

Base Damage: 75 (+20/Lv.) -> 125 (+25/Lv.) (additional hits cannot deal crit damage)

Explosion Radius: 2m -> 2.5m

New: Leaves a passive pile of bombs, dealing 0.25 AD Physical Damage and slowing enemies by 25 (+5/Lv.)%.

New: Timer above HP bar.

Ability 2:

Range: 8m -> 10m

Cooldown: 10s-8s -> 12s-8s

Removed: Damage and Slow along the way.

Removed: Hitting Heroes grants Cooldown reduction.

Game Mechanic: Stops when hitting enemies, and can go through walls.


Increased camera angle and moved the timer to the bottom of the screen.

Range: 11m -> 10m

Removed: Slow effect

Damage: Growth 75 -> 50, Physical Bonus 50% -> 40%

New: Can trigger normal attack special effects

7) Peura:

Despite being one of the few Heroes with team healing powers, Peura's pick rate has always been low. With these improvements, we hope that Peura's healing will become more prominent, which will improve the team's ability to survive team fights and diversify its means of offense.


Removed: Reflect damage when taking damage.

New: When taking damage, increases Movement Speed by 25% and Slows target by 25% for 1s.

New: When taking damage, recover 4% lost HP every 0.5 seconds for 2.5s.

Ability 1:

Cooldown: 20s-15s -> 10s (enters cooldown after effect ends)

Healing: Restores 100 (+20/Lv.) (+0.2 AP) HP to self and the teammate with the lowest HP in range every 0.5 seconds for 2.5s.

New: Increases Movement Speed by 25% during this period.

New: Deals 150 (+30/Lv.) (0.3 AP) Magic Damage to the enemy with the lowest HP in range and slows their Movement Speed by 5 (+1/Lv.)% every 0.5 seconds for 1s.

Ability 2:

Cooldown: 10s -> 10s-8s

Channeling Duration: 0.8s -> 0.333s

Stun Duration: 0.75s -> 0.5s


Removed: Channeling time.

Removed: Continuous damage and delayed Stun.

New: Grants all nearby teammates a Shield that absorbs 400 (+200/Lv.) (+0.6 AP) damage, then restores 4 (+1/Lv.) (+0.4 AP)% lost HP every second.

If teammate's HP is below 40%, increases Shield by 50%.

8) Roxie:

Roxie's current Ability 1 damage stacked with the double damage effect within 2.5 seconds after activation has encouraged her to become a suicide bomber. With this adjustment, we hope that she will be able to harass more effectively while providing more value in team fights.

Movement Speed: 360 -> 380

Ability 1:

Magic Damage: 20 (+6/Lv.) (+0.16 AP) -> 30 (+10/Lv.) (+0.3 AP), but cannot be stacked.

Removed: Within 2.5 seconds after activation, damage and healing are doubled.

New: Double damage to targets with Fire Spirits.

New: Hit up to 3 targets at once and gain HP Regen.

Ability 2:

Cooldown: 10s-8s -> 12s-8s

Shield: 150 (+40/Lv.) (6% Max HP) -> 200 (+80/Lv.) (+10% Max HP)

New: Contact deals Magic Damage and inflicts a Fire Spirit


Cooldown: 35s-27s -> 40s-30s

Channeling Duration: 0.5s -> 0.2s

Magic Damage: Current HP 4%-6% -> 4%-8%

9) Keera:

Keera's Ultimate's invincibility is difficult to counter, and her late game damage is also high. Her passive damage sharing also makes her Max HP limit seem over-the-top. So we have made some adjustments and hope that she will be more balanced this time.


Removed: Damage sharing

Normal Attack and Magic Damage Bonus: 35% -> 40%

Ability 1:

Slow: 10%-35% -> 35%

Cooldown: 5s -> 6-4s

Fall Damage: 50 (+5/Lv.) (+0.3 AP) -> 50 (+10/Lv.) (+0.2 AP)

Cumulative Damage: 30% -> 25%, 45% -> 40%

Ability 2:

Stun: Can be triggered by non-Hero units

Path Damage: 50 (+10/Lv.) -> 75 (+15/Lv.)

Triangle Damage: 400 (+60/Lv.) (+0.8 AP) -> 400 (+40/Lv.) (+0.6 AP)


Remove: Invisible while inside walls, but cannot use Control effects inside walls

Cooldown: 80s-60s -> 60s-40s

10) Azzen'Ka:

We feel that Azzen'Ka is still not strong enough. This time, we mainly strengthened his Ability 2 and Ultimate. We hope that his performance in small-scale team battles will be more balanced and that his self-protection abilities will improve.


Petrify Duration: 1s -> 0.75s

Damage: 150 + 10/Lv. + 0.75 AP -> 250 + 20/Lv. + 0.6 AP

Ability 1:

Cooldown: 9s-7s -> 8s-6s

Damage: 350 + 40/Lv. + 0.9 AP -> 350 + 50/Lv. + 0.8 AP

Knock Away Duration: 1.5s -> 1.25s

Cast animation time reduced by 0.133s

Ability 2:

Shoots a single target up to 2 times -> No limit

Damage: 235 + 50/Lv. + 0.65 AP -> 250 + 50/Lv. + 0.5 AP


Cooldown: 35s-25s -> 40s-30s

New: Pushes enemies along the path to its end (ignoring walls)

11) Thorne:

After Thorne's last adjustment, his overall win rate decreased, but his win-rate in the Jungle was still too high. To combat this, we've adjusted his bullet abilities to help control his early game ganking power (specifically his stun and cooldowns). We also hope that these changes will make his purple magic bullet and using three magic bullets of the same type more valuable.

Basic Attributes:

Attack Speed Growth: 4% -> 3%

Ability 1:

New: Cancel magic bullets by canceling the channeling

Purple (Magic Damage): 2/3/4% (every additional 100 Damage +1/1.5/2%) -> 2/4/6% (every additional 100 Damage +1/2/3%)

Yellow (Slow): 5/7.5/10% (every level +1/1.5/2%) -> 5/10/15% (every level +1/2/3%)

Blue (Cooldown Reduction): 1/1.5/2s (every level +0.2/0.3/0.4s) -> 0.5/1/1.5s (every level +0.1/0.2/0.3s)

Ability 2:

Cooldown: 14s-8s -> 12s-6s

Purple (True Damage): 4/6/8% (every additional 100 Damage +1/1.5/2%) -> 4/8/12% (every additional 100 Damage +1/2/3%)

Yellow (Stun): 0.75/1.125/1.5s -> 0.5/1/1.5s

Blue (Explosion): Deals 100/150/200% Physical Damage (cannot Crit)


Cooldown: 60s-40s -> 40s-30s

12) Veres:

Veres' win rate skyrocketed because of the reduction to her normal attack animation time, so her marks were increased from 4 to 5. However, we've also been paying attention to the change's negative impact on the gaming experience. And after further thinking, we've decided to recall that change. We hope that these further changes will result in improved performance in Slayer Lane.

Basic Attributes:

Attack Speed Growth: 2% -> 3%


Serpent's Blood: 5 stacks -> 4 stacks, lasts for 10s -> 5s

Ability 1:

Slow: 50% -> 30%-50%

Ability 2:

Cooldown: 15s-10s -> 12s-9s

Slow: 50% -> 30%-50%


Cooldown: 24s-18s -> 27s-21s

Physical Penetration: 15%-35% -> 15%-25%

Attack Damage: 75-125 -> 100-150

Removed: Attack Speed Bonus

13) Slimz:

We hoped that Slimz's Ability 1 would be a very challenging test of aiming and predicting. However, using the flying spear didn't accurately represent the difficulty level we wanted (in particular, mid-range targets were too easy to hit), so we adjusted the growth of the flying spear in relation to distance.At the same time, after his last tweak he was slightly overpowered, so this time we've slightly adjusted his passive damage.


Boosted Normal Attack Damage: 1.3 AD -> 1.2 AD

Ability 1:

Each 3m flight distance increases Damage and Stun Duration (up to 3 times) -> Each 2.5m flight distance increases Damage and Stun Duration (up to 4 times). The Initial and Max effects remain the same each time the Growth is reduced.

14) Jinnar:

Last time Jinnar's speed was adjusted, it weakened his ability to enter battles more than expected.

Base Movement Speed: 360 -> 370

15) Natalya:

Natalya is the first test at giving low movement speed Middle Lane mages some extra speed to assist with roaming.

Base Movement Speed: 360 -> 370

16) Yena:

The last time adjustments were made to the Slayer Lane, Yena's survivability increased a bit too much. This time, we've reduced her blade's damage reduction, so that she will need to be more cautious when entering battle in the late game.

Passive: When her blades are combined, damage received while using abilities is reduced by 40% -> 35%

16) Wonder Woman:

In this update, we've further tuned Woman Wonder's ability and normal attack response speed. To keep her balanced, we've also lowered the True Damage of her boosted normal attack and focused on limiting her early game burst ability, to give her opponent some breathing room.


Boosted Normal Attack Damage: 1 AD Physical Damage + 0.5 AD True Damage -> 1 AD Physical Damage + 0.1 - 0.4 AD True Damage (+0.1 AD at level 5/9/13)

17) Florentino:

After this last rebalance, Florentino's team fighting ability declined beyond our expectations. To compensate for this, we have increased his survivability in team fights, allowing him to kill opponents with more ease.

HP Growth: 272 -> 300

Ultimate Damage Reduction to other targets: 50% -> 60%

18) Sinestrea:

Sinestrea‘s melee normal attack, ranged sword attack, ultimate blood exchange, and passive resurrection increased her survivability a little too much. This resulted in her not needing to return to her base when snowballing. Which makes it difficult for her opponents to estimate how much HP she has.We adjusted the recovery effect of her ability 2 and the cooldown of her ultimate. We hope that this will help her opponents fight against her when she has more advantages.

HP returned by each sword: 5% -> 4% of HP lost

Ultimate Cooldown: 60 - 15/lv -> 70 - 10/lv


2 Equipment Balance Tweaks

Rock Shield:

In actual combat, we found that the mechanism of turning damage taken in 3 seconds and converting it into a shield to be unsuitable on the current battlefield. Sometimes the hero would die within those 3 seconds, stopping the shield from being activated. So, we decided to adjust its trigger method. Now the shield is triggered based on the hero's current HP and grows based on the remaining HP. This change helps maintain skill/mastery as an important part of using the item.

Attributes: +150 Physical Defense, +150 Magic Defense, +1000 Max HP -> +180 Physical Defense, +180 Magic Defense, +1200 Max HP

Active Ability: All damage taken within 3 seconds of activation will be converted into a (damage taken * 30% + 12% Max HP) shield.The shield lasts for 3 seconds. After activation, the user's damage output is reduced by 70% for 3 seconds.Cooldown: 60 seconds.

-> After activation, obtain a (10% of Max HP + 50% of HP Lost) shield. Damage dealt will be reduced by 70% while the shield is active.Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Amulet of Longevity:

The Amulet of Longevity is too weak for the current battlefield. Therefore, we have adjusted its attributes and changed its Mana recovery effect to HP recovery. We hope this piece of equipment can focus on HP recovery for Tanks.

Attributes: +1800 Max HP, +50 HP Regen every 5 seconds -> +2000 Max HP + 100 Physical Defense

Crafting Path: Necklace of Vitality + Talisman of Strength + Greaves of Protection -> Greaves of Protection + Necklace of Vitality + Light Armor

Passive Ability: Recover 2% Max HP and 1% Max Mana every second after exiting combat

-> Recover 4% Max HP every second after exiting combat

Bow of Slaughter

Improved the Physical Life Steal to make up for the shortcomings of the Marksman class. While increasing the Bow of Slaughter's attributes, we also slightly increased the price to maintain balance.

Attributes: +90 Physical Attack, +15% Critical Chance, +10% Physical Life Steal -> +100 Physical Attack, +15% Critical Chance, +15% Physical Life Steal

Optimization: After using an ability, the following normal attack will be smoother

Price: 2300 -> 2550

Tome of the Reaper

Tome of the Reaper, with its 75 Magic Pierce and healing reduction, has become a popular piece of equipment for Mages. We hope that with these new changes, it will be more focused on the healing reduction aspect. To this end, we have removed its Magic Pierce attribute, added Cooldown Reduction and Mana Regen, and slightly reduced its price.

Attributes: +220 Magic Attack, +500 Max HP, +75 Magic Pierce -> +220 Magic Attack, +300 Max HP, +10% Cooldown Reduction, +20 Mana Regen every 5 seconds

Crafting Path: Spoopy Mask + Enchanted Scroll + Ring of Vitality -> Virtue's Bracelet + Enchanted Scroll + Ring of Vitality

Price: 2110 -> 2000

Curse of Death

In the current battlefield, Curse of Death is basically only chosen in the Dragon Lane. We hope that by adjusting its attributes, it will become more viable in the Slayer Lane.

Attributes: +100 Physical Attack, +10% Physical Life Steal -> +100 Physical Attack, +150% Physical Defense, +10% Cooldown Reduction

Crafting Path: Bloodied Club + Cleaving Claymore -> Platinum Gauntlets + Cleaving Claymore

Price: 1800 -> 2000

Uriel's Brand:

In the current battlefield, Uriel's Brand does not provide permanent Magic Defense, and the defense given after being triggered is not enough to fight against a Mage.Therefore, we adjusted its attributes. Attack Speed and Magic Defense were added as permanent attributes, while HP was removed. After triggering, it will give bonus Movement Speed and Resistance. We hope these changes will help it to become more effective anti-mage equipment.

Attributes: +100 Physical Attack, +600 Max HP -> +60 Physical Attack, +25% Attack Speed, +180 Magic Defense

Crafting Path: Ring of Vitality + Cleaving Claymore -> Arcane Hammer + Short Sword + Gladiator's Gauntlets

Passive Ability: When HP is lower than 40%, gain a shield that absorbs (500 + Hero Level*100) Magic Damage. 200 points of Magic Defense are gained during this period.The shield lasts for 5 seconds and has a 75s Cooldown.

-> When HP is lower than 40%, gain a shield that absorbs (500 + Hero Level*100) Magic Damage, and +25% Resistance and 30% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.The shield lasts for 5 seconds and has a 75s Cooldown.

Unique Passive: Normal attacks increase Movement Speed by 10%.

Claves Sancti:

While ensuring mid-game combat effectiveness for Marksmen, it has slightly limited damage in the late game.

Attributes: +90 Physical Attack, +25% Critical Chance, +50% Critical Hit Damage -> +100 Physical Attack, +25% Critical Chance, +40% Critical Hit Damage


Attributes: +160 Ability Power, +225 Armor -> +140 Ability Power, +150 Armor, +10% Cooldown Reduction

Recipe: Spoopy Mask + Spell Tome + Knight's Plate -> Spoopy Mask + Spell Tome + Platinum Gauntlets

6.3 Enchantment Balance Tweaks

Deadly Claw:

Provides 12-40 points of Attack Damage and 18-60 points of Ability Power (increases by level) -> provides 12-38 points of Attack Damage and 15-57 points of Ability Power (increases by level)


10 Attack Damage and 15 Ability Power per stack -> 8 Attack Damage and 12 Ability Power per level

Bone Cutter:

Provides 10% Resistance -> Provides 12.5% Resistance

Holy Thunder:

110 Damage + 10*Character Level + 0.35 Bonus Ability Power, 15s Cooldown -> 88 Damage + 8*Character Level, +0.3 Bonus Ability Power, 12s Cooldown

Curse of Death:

Initial Damage 50 + 5*Character Level, +0.25 Bonus Attack Damage, +0.2 Bonus Ability Power -> Initial Damage 40 + 4*Character Level, +0.25 Bonus Attack Damage, +0.15 Bonus Ability Power

Follow-up Damage 100 + 10*Character Level, +0.5 Bonus Attack Damage, +0.4 Bonus Ability Power -> Initial Damage 80 + 8*Character Level, +0.5 Bonus Attack Damage, +0.3 Bonus Ability Power

Minion Kill:

Trigger Interval 30s -> Trigger Interval 25s

Visceral Boost:

50% early game reduction in EXP and Gold -> 40% early game reduction in EXP and Gold


Part 7: Hero and Skin Reset

Visual Effect Updates for Heroes:

Mina, Wisp, and other Skins' graphics have been upgraded.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  1. Tapping the Bow of Slaughter button will automatically initiate an attack on the selected target (will not reset normal attack).
  2. Fixed a bug where the recovery effect of the Orb of the Magi post-upgrade was inconsistent with the Phoenix Tear.
  3. Challenger Abilities such as Sprint and Roar will now display a timer icon for the duration after casting.
  4. Minion Kill will now display its stacks in the CD icon. We've removed the Minion Kill icon so that it would not take up too much space.
  5. Florentino: Fixed the issue of flowers disappearing after Allain, Errol, and others cast their Ultimates, and fixed the issue where movements after Ability 2 could cause screen shaking issues.
  6. Florentino: Fixed a problem where the 3 flower limit could be exceeded when hitting different targets.
  7. Thorne: Fixed a bug where reloading blue bullets refreshed the cooldown of normal attacks.
  8. Azzen'Ka: Fixed description issue of the Ultimate. The slowdown duration is 1 second. However, its description previously stated it was 2 seconds.
  9. Capheny: Fixed a bug where her cannon is put away when her Ability 2 is cast with low MP.
  10. Riktor: Fixed a bug where Ability 2 damage appeared different from the description in Riverbed.
  11. Aleister: Ultimate is now the top-priority Control Ability (same as Arum, and cannot be canceled)
  12. Mganga: Fixed a bug where Ability 1 would automatically collect 2 stacks.
  13. Ishar: Fixed a bug where Furball occasionally failed to follow commands and remained in one spot.
  14. Ishar: Fixed a bug where Furball remained in a spot after killing the enemy that killed Ishar. Furball is now able to continue attacking nearby units (prioritizes enemy Heroes).
  15. Y'bneth: Improved Y'bneth's Ultimate special effect range to better match its falling seeds.
  16. The Flash: Fixed the problem where The Flash's passive normal attack range was too small, resulting in the occasional loss of damage.
  17. The Joker: Fixed an issue where an ability indicator was shorter than its actual range.
  18. Wonder Woman: Fixed an issue where her Ultimate indictor (the part behind her body) was shorter than its actual range.