Beta 32 Patch Note

2021-07-21 14:50:03

Ⅰ. Battlefield Changes

1. Remade Enchantment

Visceral Boost > Alchemy

The first is Enchantments as we want the Enchantment system to be rich and applicable.Due to its limited effectiveness, the old Visceral Boost Enchantment was seldom used. At the same time, it also had a very low win rate.In the new version, an all-new Alchemy will replace the old Visceral Boost.After equipping Alchemy, players can get additional gold when attacking enemy heroes or towers. Although the amount won't be much, it adds up to a lot over time, and skilled players can take advantage of this to snowball their earnings.No matter what lane you prefer, what heroes you're skilled at, or even your gameplay style, no one's going to say no to more gold!

- Specifics:

Every 15s, 1 stack of Alchemy Energy is gained (up to 3 stacks). Normal attacks/abilities that hit an enemy hero or tower will grant additional 25 gold and consume 1 stack of Alchemy Energy.(up to 1,200 gold).

2. Battlefield Rebalance

Tweaked Iron Defense Line

The reason we didn't add an Iron Defense Line to Dragon Lane was that we hoped that players would have more team fights in Dragon Lane to push towers and take down the Abyssal Dragon.However, we realized that the negative effects were very obvious. In some games, a successful early gank would easily lead to eliminating players, towers, and even slaying the dragon, resulting in an overly large snowball effect in early game.Demotivation brought about in such early game is definitely something we don't want to see, so we've added an Iron Defense Line to Dragon Lane in hopes of creating more team fight options in early game.

Additionally, Middle Lane's towers had additional block protection in early game previously which prevented many heroes from damaging the tower, including the enhanced normal attacks of certain heroes.We believe that 60% damage reduction will suffice, so we've removed the block protection.

- Specifics:

The additional block protection from Middle Lane's towers has been removed in early game.

Added an Iron Defense Line to Dragon Lane, which will now gain an additional 60% damage reduction before the 5-minute mark, like Middle Lane and Slayer Lane.


Ⅱ. Battlefield Gameplay Optimization

1. Control

1.1. Optimized character movements on barriers created by certain heroes.

- Behind the changes:

Before this, when characters moved on created barriers (Ishar's Ultimate, Ata's Ultimate), there's a distinct sense of lag which greatly affected players' gaming experience.

- Details:

In the new version, when characters move on created barriers (Ishar's Ultimate, Ata's Ultimate), characters will automatically slide along their current direction to ensure smooth movements, just like when encountering a default barrier in the game.


1.2. Optimized the text description trigger when holding down the ability button.

- Behind the changes:

Before this, when players held down the ability button and dragged the wheel over a small area for a short period, the ability's text description would pop up and interrupt casting abilities.This had a significant impact on some wheel casting abilities at close range, causing the abilities to fail to cast as expected.

- Details:

In the new version, the ability texts will be displayed when players hold down on the ability button without dragging.Any form of dragging will interrupt the ability text display to ensure that abilities can be cast successfully.


1.3. Optimized the left stick dynamic following function.

- Behind the changes:

In the previous version, we added the "left joystick dynamic following function." After enabling this function, the left stick would move in line with the fingers of the left hand, but some players have reported that the frequent following movement of the left stick was visually disruptive.

- Details:

In the new version, when this function is enabled, the logic will remain the same as before in terms of following players' finger movements. However, in terms of performance, the left joystick will remain fixed to its default position to avoid frequent visual disruptions.


1.4. Optimized the controls of some specific target type abilities.

- Behind the changes:

In the previous version, we added two functions, "the indicator turns green to indicate a successful ability cast" and "abilities can be queued while under control (the indicator turns yellow)." However, for specific target type abilities (Veera's Ability 2, Aleister's Ultimate, etc.), abilities that couldn't be cast because a target was not selected would also cause the indicator to turn green, and these abilities also couldn't be queued while under control. As a result, these two issues have had an impact on the controls of such abilities.

- Details:

In the new version, for specific target type abilities (Veera's Ability 2, Aleister's Ultimate, etc.), we've fixed both issues mentioned so that these abilities' indicator will no longer turn green when they can't be cast due to a lack of target selection.At the same time, such abilities can now also be queued while under control.


1.5. Optimized the logic of movement abilities through barriers.

- Behind the changes:

Before this, some movement abilities that can pass through barriers require players to be very close to the barrier or completely touching the barrier in order to successfully pass through them, and even just the slightest bit further would prevent them from doing so. As such, we believe this has not been friendly to players.

- Details:

In the new version, for movement abilities that can pass through barriers, an additional 0.5m distance has been added, making it easier for players to pass through barriers with their abilities.


2. Clarity Optimization

Enhanced Key Damage Effects

- Behind the changes:

After updating the damage figures and animations, we noticed that the crit pop-up animation significantly improved the attack experience of most marksmen, some warriors and assassins. So, we're looking to apply the same optimization to other heroes who rely more on ability damage rather than normal attacks and crit. At the same time, we've also applied these effects in Tournament Mode to optimize spectators' experience.

- Details:

Modified the damage pop-up animation for certain heroes' key abilities so that they'll behave the same way as crits (excluding the crit icon) and display the damage figures in Tournament Mode.


Ⅲ. System Optimization

1. Personal Space


Since the birth of AoV, players have always known the profile page.The profile page has been constantly optimized with each new version, but due to layout limitations, it hasn't been able to load efficiently and display increasingly rich game content.

With this update, we intended for the profile page to not only display personal info, but to also become a personal social space for every player.The new personal space system allows for better self-expression and interaction with other players.

Specific Changes

  1. In the new personal space, players will get to enjoy a larger space and a better visual experience!An all-new 3D hero image display has been added to the personal space (default general info), and players can display their favorite hero or skin.
  1. The previous Player Card function has been integrated into Personal Card.Players will now be able to add more personal info for other players to view. 


  1. When visiting other players' personal homes, players can Light Up the space via the upper right corner of their homes to increase their popularity! At the same time, players will also leave visitation footprints.

  1. In order to give more display space to players' homes, a new Settings function has been added to the upper right corner of the Personal Card. In the Settings function, players will be able to change their name and frame, view personal info, ID, and so on.
  1. Close friends can tag each other.The tags will also be displayed as shoutouts in players' personal homes!


  1. Optimized Match-Breaking & Malicious Behavior Detection


Preventing match-breaking and malicious behaviors has always been one of our main focus.The issue can be broadly divided into two categories: the detection of account violations and penalties for account violations.

Specific Changes

For players that have been verified with match-breaking and malicious behaviors, a new system has been added to remove their "Highest Rank" and "Seal of Kings".

Now, the penalties are:

Account banning.

Players' current tier will be demoted to Bronze III and they'll be removed from Rankings immediately.

Players' Highest Rank will be reset to Bronze III.

All owned Seal of Kings will be reset to 0.


  1. Tweaked Losing MVP's Star Loss Protection Algorithm


Losing MVP's Star Loss Protection has been a good experience for players, but we discovered that during specific algorithm calculations, different Star Loss algorithms would affect each other, and there were times the stats were obviously very good, but "Star Loss Protection" was still not triggered.Example: This time, we've removed these bad experiences.

Specific Changes

  1. Optimized Star Loss Protection Algorithm: The losing team's MVP Star Loss Protection will no longer be triggered when Brave Points meet the requirements.
  2. Optimized support logic algorithm to avoid instances where Brave Points met the requirements but Star Loss Protection was not triggered under certain situations.


  1. Optimized Relationship Item Gifting


It used to be very inconvenient for players to gift Relationship Items to their friends: They first had to locate the Relationship Item in their backpack before they could choose which friend to gift it to.Therefore, we're looking to improve the smoothness and efficiency of the gifting Relationship Items process so that players and their friends can bond more easily.

Specific Changes

  1. Added a new portal for gifting Relationship Items in the Friend list and players' personal space to make the entire process more friendly.

  1. We've remade the Relationship Item gifting interface to improve gifting efficiency and players' experience.


  1. Other Optimizations:

5.1 Now, players that are in a Relationship and teamed up together will be displayed next to each other on the loading screen.


Ⅳ. Balance Tweaks

1. Optimized Hero Gameplay:

  1. Lindis

Design description:

Over the years, Lindis' abilities have fallen behind. So, we've remade her Ultimate to make her controls more flexible and engaging in fights.


Normal Attack Range: 7.25m -> 7m

Speed-Up Effect: 25% - 40% -> 30%


Remade: Lindis moves quickly in the target direction and awakens Luna's spirit to attack nearby enemies randomly, dealing 150 - 250+0.65 AD physical damage. Each Phantom Mark inflicts an additional damage (up to 4 times) (can crit but cannot trigger additional effects, and damage is reduced by 50% when hitting the same target).

Passive (New): Now, when Lindis' Ability 1 - Piercing Gaze's passive effect is triggered, or when defeating minions/monsters, she'll gain a stack of Phantom Mark, and her Ultimate - Lunar Champion's cooldown is reduced by 1s.

Cooldown: 12s - 10s


  1. Astrid

Design description:

Astrid's overall performance is currently at the bottom. Her earlier buffs of enhanced vision and burst damage don't quite match her warrior character. Also, her overly long passive ability, Ability 2's cooldown, and slowing effect from the Ultimate have made her more like a low-error margin Assassin.

Therefore, the focus of this optimization is to improve her continuous damage output, survivability, and error margin. However, this will also limit her burst mobility and damage, and hopefully, she'll maintain stable performance in both Slayer Lane and in the Jungle.


Remade: Now, when Astrid's normal attacks hit an enemy, her Ability 1 and 2's cooldown will be reduced by 1 second.

Ability 1:

Removed: Enhanced normal attack pierce

Removed: Slow effect.

Added: Each enemy hit increases her Attack Speed by 15% - 25% and her Armor Pierce by 5% - 10% (up to 3 stacks) for 5s.

Damage: 100 + 20/lv + 1.0 AD -> 200 + 25/lv + 0.8 AD

Ability 2:

Removed: Ability 1's cooldown reset.

Added: Her next attack will be an enhanced dash. Hit enemies will be slowed by 50% for 2s while she gains a shield.

Cooldown: 18s - 13s -> 8s

Enhanced Normal Attack Bonus Damage: 275 + 45/lv + 0.5 AD


Removed: Astrid is slowed when charging.

Removed: Physical damage.

Removed: HP comparison between herself and the target.

Added: Her Ultimate's true damage now grants 100% Life Steal.

Added: She can now use her Ability 2 to change position while charging.

True Damage: 200 - 600 -> 200 - 300. At the same time, every 100 damage dealt deals additional damage equal to 1% max HP.


  1. Maloch

Design description:

Maloch's overall performance is currently at the bottom. So, we've optimized its enchanted mechanic and increased the coverage of its enchanted state significantly. Meanwhile, its attributes have also been strengthened in the hopes of getting Maloch back into Slayer Lane.


Its overhead bar now displays the remaining time of its enchanted state. Enchantment Duration: 8s -> 6s.

Ability 1:

Missing an enemy hero while enchanted will not remove its enchanted state.

If Maloch is controlled during its cleave attack's pre-cast animation, the cleave attack will be cancelled, but it will only enter a 1.5s cooldown.

Damage: 350 + 110/lv + 2.0 AD -> 375 + 125/lv + 2.15 AD

Hitting enemy heroes while enchanted restores: 6% lost HP + 0.3 AD (up to 4 times) -> 8% lost HP + 0.4 AD (up to 3 times)

Ability 2:

When it hits an enemy hero, it'll gain an enchanted state.

Cooldown: 12-1s/lv -> 13-1s/lv


2. Tweaks:

1. Aoi Tweaks:


Aoi's mobility is still a little overpowered, so we've decided to limit her enhanced normal attack ability. Meanwhile, we've also adjusted some of her damage and self-protection abilities to further balance things.


Enhanced Normal Attack Enemy Detection Range: 4m -> 3.5m

Enhanced Normal Attack Bonus Damage: 150 - 220 + 0.45 AD -> 150 - 220 + 0.60 AD

Ability 1:

Used While In-Air: Hitting an enemy restores (130 - 280 + 0.45 AD) HP -> Gains a shield equal to 15% max HP for 2s upon landing.


2. Florentino Tweaks:


We felt that Florentino was overpowered in early game, and his frequent control abilities, true damage, and HP regenerations make it very hard for his opponents to go against him. Therefore, we've lowered his early game's overall ability, but widened his margin for error.

Ability 1:

Reduced bullet speed by 25%, but increased his firing range slightly.

Cooldown: 8s -> 8s - 6s

Flower Duration: 3s -> 3.5s

Ability 2:

Added: Area damage now applies to non-hero units.

Ability 1's Cooldown Reduction: 1s -> 0.5s - 1s, and also takes effect when hitting non-hero units.

Damage: 175 (+65/lv) and 150 (+40/lv) -> 150 (+50/lv)


Cooldown: 35s-25s -> 40s-30s

Movement Distance: 5m -> 6m


3. Keera Tweaks:


Keera's power has become normal after the last adjustment on her Ultimate's Speed-Up duration. However, this has narrowed Keera's margin for error greatly, so we've decided to restore her Ultimate's Speed-Up duration. At the same time, we've also reduced the Speed-Up effect to give her opponents more time to react.


Speed-Up Duration: 6s -> 8s

Speed-Up Effect: 40% -> 30%


4. Skud Buffs:


After Skud's previous optimization, its early game performance has been strong, but its late game performance has been weak. Furthermore, although its Ultimate's passive HP regeneration has been limited by its cooldown, it has also maintained a relatively high HP throughout the game, so we've also made some adjustment to it.


Increased Max HP: 10% -> 6% - 20%

Ability 2:

Enhanced normal attacks on towers will no longer reduce its ability's cooldown.

Cooldown Reduction: 50% -> 40% - 60%

Enhanced Normal Attack's Slow Effect: 30% - 0% -> 50%

Damage: 300 + 100/lv + 8% self HP + 100% AP > 275 + 75/lv + 7% self HP + 100% AP


Its Ultimate's cooldown will no longer have any effect on the HP regeneration from defeating monsters/minions.

Max HP Regeneration 4%/6%/8% -> Lost HP Regeneration 6%/9%/12%


5. Thorne Tweaks:


After the previous nerf, Thorne was effectively balanced in the Jungle. However, it still needs further tweaking, so we've lowered his early game damage slightly this time. At the same time, his purple bullets' prohibition on monsters and towers has been removed, making it fairer for him to compete with other marksmen when it comes to fighting for river Wisp and destroying towers. Also, his Jungling performance has been tweaked to be more balanced.

Ability 1:

Purple Bullet: Every 100 physical damage grants additional 0.5/0.75/1% damage -> Every 125 physical damage grants additional 1/1.5/2% damage and an additional 30/45/60(+10/15/20/lv) (+40/60/80% physical bonus) magic damage on non-hero units.

Green Bullet: 100% physical bonus -> 50% × the number of additional targets (up to 200%)

Defeat/Assist Cooldown Reduction: Based on Ability 2's max cooldown ratio -> Remaining cooldown ratio

Ability 2:

Purple Bullet: Every 100 physical damage grants additional 0.5/0.75/1% damage > Every 125 physical damage grants additional 1/1.5/2% damage and an additional 30/45/60(+10/15/20/lv)(+40/60/80% physical bonus) true damage on non-hero units.

Green Bullet: 200% physical bouns -> 100% × the number of additional targets (up to 400%)


6. The Joker Nerfs:


The Joker's latest remade has made him a little overpowered. So, we've reduced the damage growth of his enhanced bullets accordingly and also removed the slow effect of his Ability 1.


Target's Current HP: 3% - 10% (+1% every 2 levels) -> 3%–7% (+1% at level 4/7/10/13)

Ability 1:

Removed his bullet's slow effect.


7. Kriknak Nerfs:


After the previous survivability buff, it became a little overpowered and a plague of locusts swept Antaris Battlefield. Hence, we've made a small tweak to balance it further.

Ability 2:

HP Regen from Hero Hits: 250 + 50/lv + 1.20 AD -> 250 + 50/lv + 1.00 AD

HP Regen from Non-Hero Hits: 50% of Hero Hits -> 25% of Hero Hits


8. Alice Tweaks:


After much training, Alice has returned lighter and faster, and she also grants her teammates more protection.

Basic Attributes:

HP Growth: 322 -> 275, Armor Growth: 26 -> 21, Base Movement Speed: 350 -> 360

Ability 2:

Shield: 150 + 30/lv + 0.4 AP -> 200 + 40/lv + 0.6 AP

Cooldown: 13-1/lv -> 11-0.6/lv


9. Wukong Tweaks:


Wukong's invisible dash mechanism often gives his opponents no chance to resist. So, we've decided to optimize this in the hopes of improving players' experience against Wukong.

After the update, using any attacks or abilities when invisible will immediately cancel Wukong's invisibility.


10. Cresht Tweaks:


Cresht faced immense difficulty accumulating Energy in late game, which resulted in its Ultimate being used much less often than we expected.Hence, we removed the Energy restriction on its Ultimate, but at the same time slightly adjusted its cooldown as a counterbalance in hopes of making Cresht's progress more reasonable.


Removed the Energy restriction for its Ultimate.

Damage: 400 + 100/lv -> 400 + 200/lv


3. Equipment Tweaks:

1. Remade Blitz Blade:


At the moment, Blitz Blade is less effective in late game compared to other equipment, and it doesn't go well with the current mainstream marksman builds.As such, we've changed its attributes and trigger mechanics to give marksmen more build options.In the meantime, the mechanic that has caused Blitz Blade's attack speed to fluctuate when exceeding certain thresholds has also been fixed.

Attribute Tweaks:

Attack +50, Attack Speed +35%, Movement Speed +5% -> Attack Speed +40%, Critical Chance +15%, Movement Speed +5%

Previous Effects:

Every 4s, normal attacks will trigger a chain lightning that deals 102 (+7/lv) magic damage, and this is doubled on range attacks.At the same time, each successful normal attack reduces the cooldown by 1s.

New Effects:

Normal attacks have a 30% chance to trigger a chain lightning that deals (135+20% physical damage) magic damage (can crit and has a 0.3s cooldown).


2. Rock Shield Tweaks:


Rock Shield is currently overpowered when heroes are dying, and its white shield bar is a great deterrent to opponents.So, we've reduced the lost HP conversion ratio to the shield but also increased the shield's base attribute slightly so that it remains relevant as a tank's equipment.

Previous Effects:

Upon activation, Rock Shield reduces damage output by 70% and grants a (10% max HP+50% lost HP) shield for 3s.Cooldown: 60 seconds.

New Effects:

Upon activation, Rock Shield reduces damage output by 70% and grants a (20% max HP+30% lost HP) shield for 3s.Cooldown: 60 seconds.


3. Support Build Nerfs:


Compared to Earth Stone, Fire Stone and Water Stone's attributes, it's slightly overpowered, and this has given offensive supports the upper hand over tank supports.As a result, we've lowered that advantage, and it has made equipment prices in Antaris Battlefield more even.

Fire Stone:

Base Damage: 30 -> 25, Damage Growth: 5 -> 4.

Water Stone:

Ability Power Growth: 9 -> 6.



Ⅴ. New Mode: Morph Battle

1. Overview

In 5v5 Morph Battle, heroes can accumulate morph charges through defeating opponents. Once the charge is full, heroes will be able to morph into the Slayer or Drake and fight in battle!


2. Mode Entrance

Players can tap the shortcut in the main screen enter the game lobby.

Players can enter through Casual Match - Arcade Mode - Morph Battle.


3. How to Play

- Morph Charge: Players can defeat heroes/minions/monsters/towers in the game to charge up, and once the charge is full, they'll be able to morph into a powerful behemoth.

- Slayer Morph: The Slayer is a melee hero with a huge body and is good at controlling others.

- Drake Morph: The Drake is a ranged hero that has quick movements and has high damage output.

- Free Hero Selection Rules: Morph Battle allows the same hero to be selected again within the same team.Unlike 5v5 which prohibits the use of same heroes on the same team, and Clone Mode, where each team is forced to use the same hero, players can choose heroes freely in Morph Battle. For example, the same team can choose to have 2 Tachi and 3 Iggy.


Beta 32 Addition: Define Your Future

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  1. Fixed a bug where enemy hero's avatar shook abnormally at the screen's edge.
  2. Grakk: Optimized its Ability 2's hook trajectory.
  3. Natalya: Fixed a bug where her growth figure in the description was displayed overly high.
  4. Annette: Her passive effect can no longer be triggered by Thorne's bullet reloading.
  5. Capheny: Fixed a bug where her Ability 2's diminishing Speed-Up did not work.
  6. Volkath: Fixed a bug where his Ability 2 did not enter cooldown occasionally.
  7. Lorion: Fixed a bug where the link damage and slow effect of Lorion's Ability 1 were occasionally missing.