AoV Games Version Named Official Event at The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games

2021-11-05 17:07:21

Hangzhou, China -- Arena of Valor Asian Games Version was today named an official esports event at the 2022 Asian Games by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games Organizing Committee and Asian Electronic Sports Federation(AESF).

For the event, Arena of Valor developed a custom version that reduces the amount of socialization, commercialization, and non-battle systems to focus on the game’s core competitive features.

Arena of Valor Asian Games Version features the most-popular heroes from different versions of Arena of Valor across the globe, so players from different regions can pick heroes they know.

Arena of Valor is a trend-setting competitive battle mobile game developed by TiMi Studio Group, a global game development and operations team and a subsidiary of Tencent Games.

The game has been featured in mobile esports competitions across Asia, including as a demonstration event in the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. In 2020, the game's esports’ participation reached six million players and 73 billion views in Mainland China. In other parts of the world, fans have streamed over 40 million hours of Arena of Valor gameplay from the game’s major tournaments, the Arena of Valor World Cup and Arena of Valor International Championship.

“The competitive spirit that has made Arena of Valor so popular around the world is what makes this such an honor. And with it, we will provide comprehensive support in areas like game development, event operations, athlete selection, training management, and anti-doping,” said Arena of Valor Team. “Leveraging our previous experiences supporting the 2018 Asian Games, we'll work closely with the Olympic Council Of Asia (OCA), The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games Organizing Committee, Asian Electronic Sports Federation and partners in all regions, to deliver the thrill of esports to each and every viewer of the Asian Games. ”

Arena of Valor is available in 16 languages and 173 countries and regions. It was among the top five in download charts in 18 countries and regions, and top 10 in grossing charts in 28 countries and regions. It’s the top mobile game in several Asian countries and regions, where mobile is the predominant platform, and has a penetration rate of 60% local population in those markets.