Beta 35 Patch Note

2022-01-21 20:31:16

Ⅰ. Battlefield

A) Battlefield Clarity Improvements

1) Summon Slayer Logic

We think the information transmission link for summoning the Dark Slayer/Infinite Slayer isn't clear enough, we've added a notice to the mini-map on the battle screen to help players pay attention to this important battlefield mechanic.


- Battle Screen UI Notices

When a player kills the Dark/Infinite Slayer, or when these powerful neutral units arrive on the battlefield and start to attack, a UI notice will appear on the right to indicate this.


- Mini-Map UI Notices

We have redesigned the mini-map icons of Dark Slayer & Infinite Slayer and added a new attack route for Dark Slayer.

Left: Dark Slayer summoned by a player; Right: Infinite Slayer summoned by a player

2) Mini-Map Icon Improvements

Improved the overall performance of the mini-map.

  • The cannoneer and mega minion pose a greater threat to towers than ordinary minions, so we will make their icons bigger and more conspicuous to differentiate them!

Through improvements such as making the color of icons deeper and using bold borders, information will look clearer on the mini-map.


3) Tower Attack Logic Improvements

We've enhanced tower graphics for targeting and attacking heroes, including the warning ring, connecting lines, and shots. We also added new hero graphics that appear when they are targeted by towers. We hope this will help players clearly identify the target the tower is attacking.


4) Buff Information Panel Improvements

We've redesigned the layout of the buff information panel to make it more intuitive and highlight the key points.


5) Wildling HP Bar Improvements

Although it provides important information on the battlefield, it has been a while since the HP bar has been improved. This time, we've focused on improving the HP bar of wildlings to make the HP bar of epic wildlings reflect their levels and to help players pay attention to the most important HP information. At the same time, we have noticed that the importance of epic wildlings is growing by the day and that players often lose sight of their HP due to the distance. Now, when the HP bar is within a certain range outside the screen, it can be adaptively displayed on the screen.

  • Redesigned Styles

Left: Normal Wildling Middle: Dragon Right: Slayer

  • Adaptive display of HP bars outside the screen (tower, Slayer, Dragon)


B) Battlefield Quality Improvements

Improved the performance of light and shadows of the background (full display quality)

Top: Before adjustments; Bottom: After adjustments

Improved the accuracy of backgrounds and character models (2. Medium display quality/3. High display quality)

Top: Before adjustments; Bottom: After adjustments


C) Talent Tweaks

1) Removed Disrupt

Let's say goodbye to this old friend who has kept us company for 5 years! Towers are the most important unit on the Antaris Battlefield. We hope that every fight and contest against towers is predictable, but the existence of Disrupt has prevented this from happening. Although we recognize that this added a certain degree of strategic depth and enjoyment to the game, and we even made a lot of changes around it, ultimately, we believe this shouldn't be a general feature and decided to remove it for now.

Disrupt (removed)

Enfeeble (added): Reduces the damage of nearby enemies by 20% and increases your damage reduction by 20% for 4 seconds. This effect does not stack. 90-second cooldown.


2) Frostbite Tweaks

When fighting wildlings while jungling, it is very easy for Frostbite to hit enemy heroes instead of finishing off wildings. To reduce the cost of fighting wildlings with enemy heroes around, we have given Frostbite an additional effect.

Frostbite: Added: When the skill targets a hero, it has the same effect on a nearby non-hero unit (except structures).


D) Equipment Tweaks

1) Soulreaver

- Background:

Currently, Equipment and Enchantments give players many ways to deal one-time damage in various forms. As a result, some harassment skills that were originally reasonable have become too strong. We are attempting to remove the excessive damage.

- Specific Changes:

Normal attacks and skills no longer deal additional magic damage

Damage Increase: 5% → 8%

CD: 25 seconds → 20 seconds


2) Rankbreaker

- Background:

The armor reduction of Rankbreaker is slightly higher than it should be in the mid- and early-game, so we have imposed a minor restriction to it.

- Specific Changes:

Physical Penetration: 88-200 → 50-190


E) Enchantment Tweaks


- Background:

The first reason we have nerfed Hellfire is that it provides far greater benefits than other minor Enchantments, and the second reason is that we have reduced the excessive damage of mage heroes.

- Specific Changes:

AP Bonus: 0.25 → 0.15


F) Battlefield Rebalance

1) Catch-up Mechanic Improvements

We think that the previous catch-up mechanism was too one-dimensional as it only considered whether a team had lower income. The new version will assess various aspects to determine which team is leading, which will make this mechanic more sophisticated and allow it to adapt to the complex and ever-changing Antaris Battlefield.

The determination of kill rewards will be based on more aspects, such as kills, assists, destroyed towers, and epic wildling kills.


2) Sudden Death Prevention Mechanic for the Second Tower

In the mid- and late-game, if a team that has been leading throughout the entire battle loses even one team fight, the team will be pushed all the way from the outer tower to the base. This sudden-death situation puts too much pressure on players. We hope these tweaks will make it less likely for the leading team to fall into a sudden-death situation as well as give the weaker team more space to defend.

After the second tower of a player's own side is destroyed, nearby enemy minions will be slowed by 80% for 10 seconds.


G) General Sound Effect Improvements

Sound effects are an important feedback of gameplay elements. In this update, we remade and supplemented the sound effects of some Enchantments, active Equipment, Talents, towers, etc., to make them more compatible with gameplay effects.


II. New Hero - Yue

Jade Fan Beauty - Yue

"The distinguished and elegant princess of the Dragon Kingdom is coming to the Antaris Battlefield. She makes the world shake with a gentle wave of her fan. Let's join her as she ascends to the top! "


Passive: Borrowed Might

Yue gains 1 stack of marks whenever she uses her Skill 1 and 2. When she gains 2 stacks of marks, her Skill 1 and 2 are enhanced and their cooldown is refreshed.


Skill 1: Aqua Force

Yue unleashes 2 air blades in close range, dealing damage to enemies in their path. The 2 air blades deal double damage to enemies when they converge. The enhanced version of the skill unleashes 4 air blades, dealing 4x damage to enemies when they converge.


Skill 2: Mountain Crusher

Yue unleashes 2 air blades at a far distance, dealing damage to enemies in their path. The 2 air blades deal double damage to enemies when they converge. The enhanced version of the skill unleashes 4 air blades, dealing 4x damage to enemies when they converge.


Ultimate: Rising Wind

Yue deals damage to the enemies in front of her and knocks them back. At the same time, she also moves back a certain distance.

Passive: Increases Yue's vision distance by 15%.


III. Battlefield Gameplay Improvements

A) Hit Response Improvements

1) Damage Pop-Up Text Improvements:

- Background:

It's been a long time since the damage pop-up text was modified. Currently, the damage pop-up text is concentrated near the unit that is hit. It's time to make another upgrade.

- Specific Improvements:

The damage pop-up text will bounce in the same direction as the attack, which will increase the impact of successful hits and prevent hit characters from being covered by too many sets of damage pop-up text around them.

2) HP Bar Improvements

- Background:

The HP bar is another thing that provides the most direct damage feedback. We hope that the HP bar will better reflect the damage dealt when heroes deal a lot of damage as this gives the damage-dealer a stronger sense of accomplishment and gives the damage-taker a sharper warning (that they need to be more careful when facing specific enemies).

- Specific Improvements:

The HP bar will vibrate when a hero takes a lot of damage, and the HP bar's animations and color changes will also be more obvious when HP is lost.


B) Control Improvements

Channeling Interruption Improvements:

- Background:

All along, some challengers have been telling us that if challengers forget to release the left joystick when casting a skill (e.g. Grakk's Ultimate, Qi's Skill 2, etc.) that needs to be channeled for a longer period of time (longer than 1 second), the skill is sometimes interrupted before the casting is complete, which affects challengers' gaming experience to a certain extent.

- Specific Improvements:

In this update, we have improved the interruption mechanics for some skills that need to be channeled of some heroes. Now, when channeling, challengers will need to lift their finger and drag the left joystick again to interrupt the channeling and start moving. If they don't do this, they will continue channeling until the skill has been cast.


C) Underlying Mechanics Improvements

Improved the performance when the movement of some heroes is interrupted:

- Background:

We have found that, sometimes, when a character's movement is interrupted, the character that was moving might be instantly pulled to the original destination of the movement, which feels too abrupt and makes the casting response of skills feel poor. This takes place in two main scenarios.

Scenario 1: Knockback skills (such as Ilumia's Skill 2) can't interrupt the movement effect of slow movement skills (such as Thane's Skill 1)

Scenario 2: Fast movement skills (such as Qi's Skill 1) will instantly move the character to the destination when the character is under a control effect (such as stun)

- Specific Improvements:

In this update, we have made improvements for both scenarios. On one hand, slowdown skills can now be interrupted by control effects. On the other hand, we also fixed a bug that caused some players to continue forward after a dash skill is interrupted rather than immediately stopping in place.


IV. System Improvements

A) New Systems

1) Video playback feature

- Background

To assist players in recording their battles, we added a playback function in this version.

We are also actively developing the Spectate system, which we hope will be coming soon.

- Details

  • Added a Spectate entrance to the Lobby.
  • By using the Spectate entrance, players can find their five most recent battles and have the option to save them as videos.
  • In the playback interface, players can spectate the battle from an aerial view.

2) Special-themed Ranked Season

- Background

We've launched special-themed seasons to give players a deeper understanding of the game's worldview and the background of heroes.

- Details

  • Packaged Ranked as a special-themed season.
  • Added comic rewards to season rewards. Comics can be collected and shared to get more rewards.

3) Moments

- Background

We launched Moments as a space in which players can showcase and express themselves. You can now share your emotions or images on your profile page or view moments shared by others.

- Details

  • Added a Moments screen to the Profile page.
  • Players can Like and forward posts in Moments.
  • Launched a custom Moments feature that allows players to upload images from their mobile phones and post them in their Moments.


B) Settings Improvements

1) In-game Button Location Improvements

- Background

For players who use different devices and have different button habits, the default size and position of buttons might not be the best choice for them. In the previous version, we introduced a function to adjust the placement of Skills and Talents in-match. We integrated and improved this function in the new version.

- Details

  • We integrated the in-match button customization feature. Allowing players to adjust placement and buttons in or between matches.
  • We also increased the graphics and response of the Normal Attack button.

We added a feature to adjust the spacing of skill buttons. Players can choose between three spacing presets: Tablet, Standard, and Wide.


2) FPS Settings Improvements (some devices)

- Background

The FPS (screen refresh rate) is crucial when it comes to improving the smoothness of the game screen and the gaming experience. However, High Frame Rate Mode increases the power consumption and heat generation of devices, so we hope players will choose an FPS setting based on their actual needs.

- Details

We also tweaked the FPS setting for a number of devices, dividing it into three presets: Energy-saving, Moderate, and High.

3) Default Display Quality Tweaks (all devices)

- Background

As the improvement of display quality in games is particularly important to ensuring that players have a good experience, we have tweaked the display quality to ensure smooth gameplay and tweaked the default display quality to give players more visual enjoyment.

- Details

We have upgraded the display quality and added different display quality settings. After the update, the display quality of all models will be adjusted to the default display quality, which will disable players' previous display quality settings. The display quality settings can be changed later in the settings.


C) Other Upgrades

1)Hero Profile Updates

- Background

In the previous version, we updated the profiles of some heroes and have continued to observe players' feedback on the changes. We're happy to see that players are paying attention and liking the heroes' stories. We'll continue to update hero profiles in this version.

- Details

  1. Added some hero profiles.
  2. Added some hero side stories.
  3. Temporarily blocked the Demon Lord's Return and Athanor Map features.


2) New In-game Smart Tactical Communication System

- Background

To improve the efficiency of tactical communication on the battlefield, we want to use smart situation detection methods and more friendly interaction to promote efficient interactions, which will make it easier for players to share information with their teammates in real time. A chat signal/button will now automatically pop up at specific times during a match. Players can tap the button to send messages quickly.

- Details

In the first stage, we will open the following exchanges of information:

  1. Learning a skill at Lv. 1: Automatically sends the skill learned by the player at Lv. 1.
  2. An enemy reaches Lv. 4: The button is triggered when it is discovered that an enemy hero has reached Lv. 4.
  3. Own status: The button is triggered when the player's HP/Mana is very low or when the player exits combat or recalls.


3) Hero Information System Clarity Improvements

- Background

We've noticed that the Hero Information screen is a little cluttered right now, which has affected its ability to convey the basic information of heroes. Therefore, we've improved the content of the Hero Information system to help both new and old players understand the information and skills of heroes better.

 - Details

  1. Tweaked the characteristics and skill information in heroes' basic information.
  2. Tweaked the style of passive skills and added a display for skills that change when heroes change forms.
  3. Added a Hero Tip window.
  4. Tweaked the simple and detailed description of skills and added the ability to drag skill descriptions up and down.
  5. Added a note button to provide explanations of some skills.


4) Sorting Heroes by Number of Times Used

- Background

In the past, there was no option to sort heroes based on the number of times they have been used, which has made it inconvenient for players who want to intuitively view heroes based on the number of times they have been used.

- Details

Added the option to sort heroes based on the number of games they have been used in. Players can use this option to see how often they use each hero.


5) Chat Screen Improvements

- Background

We've noticed that players are currently unable to view the friend list and chat information at the same time on the Chat screen. At the same time, offline friends will not appear on the Chat screen. This has made the chat experience poor.

- Details

  1. Upgraded and improved the Friend Chat screen to having two windows, with the friend list displayed on the left and chat content displayed on the right.
  2. Offline friends will now appear in the friend list.


6) Highlight Reel Component Upgrades

- Background

The videos recorded by the old Highlight Reel component have poor definition and aren't up to the current standards of players.

- Details

  1. Improved the clarity of videos recorded by the Highlight Reel.
  2. The Screen Recording feature will be removed temporarily to update the component.
  3. For performance reasons, the Highlight Reel feature may be disabled for some device models.
  4. The Highlight Reel under the old component will be cleared to update the component, so please backup everything in advance.


7) New Sharing Feature for Ranked Players

- Background

Players are unable to share and show off their high rankings due to the lack of sharing feature in the rankings.

- Details

Ranked players can now share their ranking information on the Rankings screen.


8) Team Recommendation Feature

- Background

Some players who have few friends or who play at different times than their friends are often unable to find suitable teammates on the right side of the team-up screen. We've added a Team Recommendation feature to recommend players who aren't friends to team up with each other to help them find suitable teammates.

- Details

  1. Added recommended players to the player list on the right side of the team-up screen.
  2. Set this feature in Settings - Privacy Settings.


9) Improved Automatic Hero Selection After the Selection Times Out

- Background

We've found that players sometimes end up with a hero that is incompatible with their team and doesn't meet their expectations because they took too long to select a hero, which has affected their overall game experience. Therefore, we've improved the logic of the automatic hero selection after the selection times out to select a suitable hero for players.

- Details

Original design: The hero with the highest Mastery Level would be selected after the selection times out.

New design:

  • In the BP status, when a hero is picked for a teammate, the teammate will be able to select a hero if the selection times out. When a hero is picked for themself, the system will select the hero with the highest Mastery Level for the available lane if the selection times out.
  • In the Lane Preference status, a teammate will select a hero where possible. If not, the hero with the highest Mastery Level according to the Lane Preference will be selected.
  • This feature is only applicable to Ranked and Standard.

10) Pre-selection Improvements

- Details

Currently, when a hero is pre-selected, the system will only pick the pre-selected hero for the player when it is the player's turn to select a hero (but the system will not confirm the selection for the player).


11) Group Invite Improvements

- Background

To make it easier for players to team up, we have improved the original Group Invite feature.

- Details

Added an Invite button at the bottom of the team-up screen. Players can use this to edit and send invites in the game.

Changed the original Group Invite feature to a Platform Invite feature.


12) Team Chat Channel Improvements

- Background

In the previous version, players cannot see the General and Region chat channels after teaming up.

- Details

After this update, players will still be able to see the content of all chat channels after teaming up, which makes it more convenient for players to chat and interact.


13) Lobby Tweaks

- Background

Tweaked the display priority and hierarchy of some features, placing the features that are more commonly used by players in a more prominent and convenient place.

- Details

  • Moved features related to friends to the left side of the Lobby.
  • Added descriptive text to event icons.
  • Fine-tuned the location and responsive area of the Chat button, making it easier to tap.


14) Account Linking Feature Improvement 

- Background

Originally, players are only able to link one account to AoV, which means there is still some risk of losing the account.

- Details

After this update, players will be able to link their AoV account to multiple social platforms to make their account safer.


15) VK Friend Relationship Chain

- Background

In the past, players who linked their account to a VK account could not see their friends from the VK platform. We have fixed this issue.

- Details

Players who link their account to a VK account can now see their friends from the VK platform.


V. Hero Rebalancing

 A) Gameplay Experience Improvements:

(1) TeeMee

Design notes:

As a traditional Support character, TeeMee is a little outdated in the current environment, so we have enhanced his survivability and made him easier to use.

Skill 1:

Armor/Magic Defense increase while casting: 60+36/Lv.


Effective Range: 6m -> 8m

Reduced duration of the post-cast animation: 0.7 seconds -> 0.4 seconds


(2) Ormarr

Design notes:

Major tweaks were made to Ormarr a long time ago, which made him one of the most popular tanks. However, he is now slightly unpopular and weak. We hope that Ormarr can be a tank that attacks the enemy's formation and can continue to harass enemies with his passive, so we have increased the stun time and movement distance of his Skill 1 and removed the hero target limit and cooldown of his Skill 2 so that his passive can be triggered more frequently. We think the probability-based trigger condition of Ormarr's passive is an interesting mechanic, so we removed the built-in cooldown but lowered the trigger chance. Now it's a test of your luck.


Removed the internal cooldown, but lowered the trigger chance

Skill 1:

Cooldown Time: Reduced from 8-6 seconds -> 7-5 seconds, but the skill now goes onto cooldown after a normal attack is used

Enhanced Normal Attack duration: 4 seconds -> 3 seconds

Knockup Time: 0.5 seconds -> 0.75 seconds

Movement Distance: 4.5m -> 5m, but the speed is slightly lowered

Mana Cost: 65 (+5/Lv.) -> 40 (+6/Lv.)

Skill 2:

Slow %: 50% -> 30-50%

Cooldown Time: 6 seconds -> 5 seconds

The Scar-Craver buff is now added when hitting minions and wildlings

Mana Cost: 55+(5/Lv.) ->30 (+4/Lv.)


Skill 1 cannot be used while the Ultimate is in effect.

Mana Cost: 140 (+20/Lv.) ->120 (+30/Lv.)


(3) Thane

Design notes:

Thane's mechanics are a little outdated. As it is difficult for his cumbersome Skill 2 to hit enemies, he doesn't pose much of a threat to enemy heroes in the back row. We have focused on this while rebalancing him and hope to improve his performance at the start of games and his abilities as an Initiator and Control hero. The tweaks made to the damage bonus of his Ultimate also allow him to time his move more flexibly. We are looking forward to seeing players use Thane on the Slayer Lane after these tweaks.


Added: Thane gains an enhanced normal attack every time he casts a skill: His attacks have increased range and deal additional physical damage equal to 6% of his max HP


Removed the Interruption Protection. If a skill is interrupted during the casting process, 50% of the cooldown is returned, and the hero stays at the location where the skill was interrupted

Cooldown: 12-0.8/Lv. -> 10-0.4/Lv.


Cast at the original location -> Cast after jumping towards the target location (up to 3.5m, can cross walls)

Removed: Slow effect

Mana Cost: 75+5/Lv. -> 50+5/Lv.

Damage Type: Magic damage -> Physical damage

Added: 50% of the cooldown is returned if the casting process is interrupted


Base Damage: 500+250/Lv. +0.9AD true damage -> 400+150/Lv. true damage

Additional Damage: Physical damage equal to 10% of the target's lost HP -> True damage equal to 8% of own max HP

Added: Inflicts a 50% slow effect for 2 seconds

Mana Cost: 150+15/Lv. -> 100+25/Lv.

Fixed a bug that made the actual damage range and the visual effects/indicators inconsistent


(4) Chaugnar

Design notes:

As a typical roaming support hero, Chaugnar has always had his own unique place on the battlefield. In this change, we want to strengthen his ability to make his team immune to control effects and his support abilities. His Ultimate now grants a shield to his allies and extends the duration of control immunity of his allies. We have also enhanced the control removal, damage reduction, and speed boost effects of his Skill 2, which makes him function better as a roaming support and the damage absorber for his team. We hope this reborn elephant will be able to roam the battlefield as a strong shield for his team.



Time to take effect: After using Skill 1 -> Automatically cast every 6 seconds


Removed: Removed the 10% damage reduction effect

Removed the passive control immunity effect

Changes: 20% speed-up → 15% speed-up

The 2-second duration has not been unchanged


Skill 1:

Removed the control effects removal effect; this skill can't be used when he is controlled.


Skill 2:

Skill Effect:

Removed: The effect that reduced the cooldown of his Skill 1 by 1 second for every successful hit

Added: Dispels control effects on himself and grants 0.5 seconds of Immune

Gains 2% movement speed and 2% damage reduction when casting the skill. Stacks 5 times, with each stack increasing the movement speed by 2% and damage reduction by 2%

Skill Passive: Automatically cast once every 6 seconds

Changes: His increase the damage of his Skill 2 → Hits deal additional damage for 5 seconds; the effect stacks up to 5 times


Base Damage: 300+60/Lv.+40%AP → 200+50/Lv.+20%AP

Stacked damage (each stack): 100+25/Lv.+10%

Cooldown Time: 3.5 seconds → 4.5 seconds - 0.3 seconds/Lv.


Skill Effect:

Removed: Removed the 10% damage reduction effect

Removed the effect that reduced the cooldown of Skill 2 by 5 seconds

Removed the effect that changed the cooldown of Skill 2 to 1-second while the Ultimate is active

Removed the effect that removed the Mana cost of Skill 2

Added: Grants himself and allies a shield

Changes: 20% speed-up → 15% speed-up

Duration: Allies: 1 second → 2 seconds

Self: 3 seconds → 2 seconds

Shield: 500+500/Lv.


(5) Lumburr

Design notes:

Lumburr has been unpopular for a long time. Based on his class, we want to make him more valuable as a support hero, so we've modified his skills, mainly to add a knockback mechanic, and to improve its coordination with his Skill 2 and Ultimate. We've also made his Ultimate deal magic damage instead to make him more threatening in team fights.

Skill 1:

Mana Cost: 55+(5/Lv.) -> 60 (+8/Lv.)

Cooldown Time: 6 seconds -> 12-9 seconds

Removed: Reduces enemies' damage

Added: Knocks up the nearest enemy; enemies who come into contact with this enemy will also be knocked up for 1 second

Skill 2:

Cooldown Time: 10-7.5 seconds -> 8-6 seconds

Slightly reduced his movement speed

Mana Cost: 75 (+5/Lv.) -> 40(+8/Lv.)

Added: Reduced the damage ratio and fixed it at 20%


Deals magic damage instead

First hit: 300-500 (+8% of his max HP)

Damage Over Time: 75-125 (+2% of his max HP)


(6) Mina

Design notes:

We think that the Mana cost of Mina's Skill 1 is too high, so we've tweaked this slightly.

Skill 1:

Removed the Mana cost of the enhanced Skill 1

Skill 2:

Mana Cost: 50 -> 50-100


(7) Moren

Design notes:

Moren is a relatively unpopular hero, so we want to help this outstanding mechanical expert to return to the Antaris Battlefield by solving some problems with his skill mechanics.

Firstly, Moren is able to stack armor and magic defense through his normal attacks and Skill 1. This takes a long time, and he will lose all his stacks at once if he misses. People have always criticized him for this asymmetry between cost and benefit. So, we've improved Moren's core cycle.

Secondly, as a Marksman with high armor, magic defense, and mobility, we hope Moren can show everyone his outstanding attack and retaliation abilities. For this reason, we've tweaked the range of Moren's normal attack to enable him to utilize his advantages.

Finally, Moren's Skill 2 and Ultimate have a very unclear role. Because of this, we've given his Skill 2 greater survivability attributes and given his Ultimate offensive attributes that link well with his core cycle.


Moren gains armor and magic defense for 1.5 seconds whenever his normal attacks hit a target. This stacks up to 10 times. When the effect is fully stacked, each normal attack refreshes the duration of the effect, and the number of stacks gradually diminishes.

Normal Attack Range: 7m → 6.75m

Normal Attack Interval: 1 second → 0.8 seconds

Base Attack Damage: 159 → 171

Armor and Magic Defense: 25 (+2/Ch. Lv.)

Skill 1:

After activation, Moren gains physical life steal and a 30% movement speed bonus for 2 seconds. His next normal attack made while the effect is active shoots 2 bullets.

Passive: The cooldown of Moren's Skill 1 is decreased by 0.5 seconds whenever his normal attack hits an enemy.

Increased Physical Life Steal effect: Fixed 15%

Cooldown Time: Fixed 9 seconds → Fixed 4.5 seconds

Skill 2:

Moren shoots Impact Barrage, dealing physical damage to all enemies within range. Impact Barrage knocks back nearby enemies within a small area in front of it and stuns them for 0.5 seconds.

Mana Cost: 70 → 60

Cast Range: 8m → 6m

Increased Effect: Knock back enemies and stun them for 0.5 seconds

Cooldown Time: 12 seconds (-1s/Lv.) → 11 seconds (-0.5s/Lv.)


Moren launches a magnetic grenade at the target area. When it explodes, the grenade generates a Magnetic Field that lasts for 3 seconds, dealing physical damage once per second to enemies within range and slowing them by 30%-50% (increases according to the number of stacks of the armor/magic defense Moren has when the grenade is thrown). Moren's normal attacks deal an additional 0%-20% damage (increases according to the number of stacks of the armor/magic defense Moren has) to targets afflicted with this status.

Base Damage: 180 (+60/Lv.) +0.3AD → 250 (+75/Lv.) +0.6AD

Ultimate Cooldown: 35 seconds (-5 seconds/Lv.) → 40 seconds (-5 seconds/Lv.)

Ultimate Radius: 3m → 3.25m

Ultimate Cast Range: 8m → 7.5m

Removed Mechanic: Enemies knocked back into the range of the Ultimate by Skill 2 are stunned for 1 second.


(8) Aoi

Design notes:

Tweaked the gameplay to remove the ban on her Talents while her Skill 2 and Ultimate are active (except for Flicker). We hope this will create some interesting moments.

Skill 2:

Ban all Talents while using this skill -> Ban Flicker while using this skill. Other Talents can be used normally.


Ban all Talents while using this skill -> Ban Flicker while using this skill. Other Talents can be used normally.


B) Battle Performance Improvements:

(1) Airi

Design notes:

Airi still has normal strength after being nerfed several times, but it still isn't healthy because her Ultimate gives her too much stable mobility, which gives her a high margin for error. So, we've added some restrictions this time and weakened the passive slow effect, but we've also increased the bonus for the enhanced normal attack.


Enhanced normal attack: 120% attack damage bonus -> 135% attack damage bonus

Slow Duration: 1 second -> 0.5 seconds


Get 2 stacks of Dragon Mark when casting the Ultimate -> Get 1 stack of Dragon Mark whenever she hits a hero


(2) Paine

Design notes:

In terms of making him easier to fight, as the teleportation effect of his enhanced normal attack and enhanced normal attack is too seamlessly connected with his skills, he deals burst damage too quickly, which makes it difficult for the killed hero to respond. That's why these changes were made. Also, as Paine's Ultimate is a preset cut-in skill, so we removed the damage reduction during casting and gave this effect to his Skill 1 to improve his ability to engage enemies in crucial moments.

Normal attack:

Attack Interval: 0.8 seconds -> 1 second


Enhanced normal attack: Flicker -> Increased process

Added: Increases attack speed by 30% after using the skill; can stack 3 times

Skill 1:

Fixed: An issue that caused the visual effect of Super Armor to not be displayed

Added: Gain 40% damage reduction during this time

Immediately enters cooldown -> Enters cooldown after the effect ends

Skill 2:

Increased the post-cast stun time by 0.2 seconds (Paine cannot use a normal attack or another skill during this time)


Removed: 50% damage reduction during the casting process


(3) Zip

Design notes:

Zip's opponents usually have no solution to the unreasonable way in which Zip invades the jungle and can only swallow their indignation. To improve players' experience of fighting Zip, we've removed Zip's Skill 2's ability to absorb wildlings while retaining the ability to absorb friendly heroes and minions to focus from invading the enemy's jungle to protecting friendly heroes. As Zip has other characteristics that are unnecessary for his class or are unreasonably designed, we've also removed or tweaked some things in this update to simplify users' goals and improve the experience of fighting Zip.


Normal Attack Range: 3m -> 2.5m

Reduced the normal attack stun time

Normal attacks no longer deal damage behind Zip


Zip deals area magic damage after becoming bloated -> Zip gains 25% damage reduction after becoming bloated

Skill 1:

Reduced the stun time

Base Damage: 200+80/Lv. +0.5AP -> 400+80/Lv. +0.6AP

Damage Over Time: 75+15/Lv. +0.2AP -> 100+20/Lv. +0.15AP

Normal attacks no longer deal magic damage to targets hit

Mana Cost: 75 -> 60

Cooldown: 6 -> 5

Skill 2:

Removed: Wildling absorption mechanic

Removed: Damage reduction granted to friendly heroes during the absorption process

Removed: The mechanic that converts the damage taken by friendly heroes absorbed by Zip into shield for teammates

Added: Reduces Zip's movement speed by 50% when Zip is bloated

When charging is terminated early: Most of the cooldown is returned -> 50% of the cooldown is returned

Teammates' shield: 400+80/Lv. +0.4AP -> 12% of Zip's HP, lasting for 3 seconds

Skill Cooldown: (10-0.6/Lv.) -> (12-0.6/Lv.)

Mana Cost: 110 -> 80


Initial Speed: 11m/s -> 12m/s

Cooldown Time: 50-5/Lv. -> 45-5/Lv.


C) Balance Tweaks:

(1) Aya

Design notes:

As Aya is too strong when she is paired with some Warrior heroes, she is usually banned from professional tournaments. However, the protection she provides to teammates as a Support in regular matches is slightly insufficient, so we have tweaked the slow and shield values to try to balance the strength in these two different situations.

Skill 1:

Slow Effect: 30% slow (+1% for every 50 AP) -> 30% slow +4%/Lv.

Skill 2:

Shield: 500+70/Lv. +0.7AP +8% additional HP -> 425+75/Lv. +0.55AP +6% additional HP

When the main class of the targeted ally is Assassin, Mage, or Marksman, Shield is increased by 50% -> Shield is increased by 100%


Speed-up effect while possessing a unit: Increases movement speed by 40% (+1% every 50 AP). This effect diminishes to 20% within 2 seconds and lasts until the effect ends -> Increases movement speed by 30% during the duration


(2) Lu Bu

Design notes:

Lu Bu is too powerful as a Jungler, so we're hoping these tweaks will cool him down.


The reduction of the cooldown of his Skill 2 when his normal attacks/skills hit enemies: This no longer works on towers, and the effect is reduced by 50% against minions and wildlings


HP recovery when his normal attacks/skills hit enemies: This no longer works on towers, and the effect is reduced by 50% against minions and wildlings


(3) Thorne

Design notes:

Thorne is currently very popular and has a high win rate. We believe that Thorne's mobility is too powerful when finishing off enemies in the late game, so we've restricted his speed-ups.

Skill 2:

Speed-up upon hitting enemies with normal attacks: 30% for 2 seconds -> 20% for 1 second


(4) Annette

Design notes:

Although Annette has a low win rate after being overhauled, her win rate has grown significantly after everyone has become more familiar with her. In particular, as she was far too strong in the middle lane after the previous hotfix, she has now been nerfed.


Reduced the movement cooldown and Mana recovery rate by 20%

Skill 1:

Slow %: 20-40% -> 5-10%; stackable


(5) Lauriel

Design notes:

Due to the increasingly fierce arms race on the Antaris Battlefield, the healing of Lauriel's passive seems to have fallen behind the times, so we've given her a little care.


Healing Amount: 110+8/Lv. -> 120+10/Lv.


(6) Omega

Design notes:

The popularity of Tower Lock in the previous version has made Omega, who is known for his anti-tower capabilities, less popular. We've removed Tower Lock in this version and slightly strengthened Omega's stats to attract Challengers to use him again.

Skill 2:

Single Damage: (0.2AD +1% own max HP) -> (0.25AD +1% own max HP)

Whirlwind Strike damage: (25+40/Lv. +1.0AD +3%-8% own max HP) -> (50+50/Lv. +1.0AD +4%-9% own max HP)

Cooldown Time: 10-0.6/Lv. -> 9-0.4/Lv.


(7) Ignis

Design notes:

Ignis is currently quite weak, especially in the early game, so we've buffed his passive and the damage of his Skill 1 in the early game. At the same time, we've implemented other improvements because his Ultimate can be used too frequently in the late game.


Additional normal attack damage: 24+4/Lv. +0.1AP -> 50+5/Lv. +0.15AP

Skill 1:

Damage: 375+45/Lv. +0.55AP -> 425+50/Lv. +0.6AP


Cooldown Time: 24-4 seconds/Lv. -> Fixed 24 seconds


(8) Taara

Design notes:

We want to increase Taara's mobility when she has to fight enemies continuously, so we gave her normal attack the ability to reduce the cooldown of her Skill 1. In exchange, we slightly increased the base cooldown of her Skill 1.

Skill 1:

The cooldown of Colossal Smash is reduced by 1 second whenever Taara hits an enemy hero with her normal attack.

Cooldown Time: 11-0.6 seconds/Lv. -> 13-0.6 seconds/Lv.


Ⅵ. New Modes

Supremacy Blitz Mode

Supremacy Blitz will evoke the hidden potential of heroes, greatly enhancing the power of their skills. Endless possibilities await your heroes!

There will be 20 heroes available at launch. They are: Grakk, Taara, Gildur, Mina, Cresht, Arum, Butterfly, Murad, Krixi, Natalya, Liliana, Diaochan, Zanis, Maloch, Arthur, Amily, Valhein, Tel'Annas, Violet, and Hayate.

What are you waiting for?


Ⅶ. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the response area of the left joystick to become too small.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the enhanced normal attack damage of Volkath's Ultimate's Overload mode to not scale with the skill level.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Omni Arms to perform 2 enhanced normal attacks in a row.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Mganga's Ultimate to heal teammates by the wrong amount of HP.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Ormarr's Ultimate to heal the wrong amount of HP when it hits multiple enemies.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Capheny's Rapid Shot normal attacks to lose damage after she exits combat from an extreme distance.
  • Fixed a bug where Capheny's Skill 2 would lock on an enemy rather than move in the direction of the joystick when Pulse Shot was activated, and she was within a fixed range.
  • Fixed a bug that caused wildlings to not return to their original locations after exiting combat.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to lock onto and attack wildlings when the spawn animation is being played.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mina's third normal attack to increase the number of stacks of Sweet Revenge based on the number of enemies hit when it hits multiple enemies.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Baldum's Ultimate to imprison Slayer and Dragon.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the toss distance of Baldum's Skill 1 to be affected by Resistance.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Omen's normal attack combo to only add 1 stack of Admonishment when attacking at a certain attack speed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Elsu's Skill 2 to charge abnormally under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the special effect of Rouie's Ultimate to display abnormally when she dies.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Batman's Ultimate to not remove Invisibility in front of multiple enemies.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Taara's passive HP Regen to not trigger when she uses her Ultimate.
  • Fixed a bug where some heroes would be transported back to where they started when using dash skills to cross walls.