Beta35-2 Hotfix Patch Note

2022-03-04 19:18:27

Hero Balance Adjustments

(1) Paine

Behind the change:

Paine has been strong after the last round of tweaks. In general, assassins should focus on killing single targets, but Paine's enhanced normal attack, which deals damage to an area, is too powerful against a group of enemies, so we have nerfed the damage of Paine's passive against non-primary targets.


The first enhanced normal attack made after using a skill deals 1.75 times damage: The effect applies to all targets along the way -> The effect only applies to the main target (regular enhanced normal attack damage is dealt to other targets)


(2) Slimz

Behind the change:

It is very easy to hit targets with Slimz's Skill 1 in close range, but the skill also greatly increases Slimz's movement speed, so we have decided to remove this effect.

In addition, the stun effect inflicted on enemies hit used to grow stronger incrementally, and we have adjusted this to make it more smooth. Previously, the stun effect at the max range would jump from 1.75s to 2.5s, which is too abrupt. It will be rebalanced to cap the stun time to 2s, but it will increase more smoothly.

Skill 1:

Increase own movement speed after hitting an enemy hero: 30%-80% → 0-80%

Stun effect against enemy heroes: 0.5s-2.5s → 0.5s-2s (the changes are also applied at medium and short range)


(3) Elsu

Behind the change:

If Elsu hasn't been seen by enemies or is still invisible, the red warning line of Elsu's Skill 2 cannot be seen. From the perspective of balanced fighting, we don't think this is very ideal, so we have adjusted this to allow Elsu's enemies to use this warning line against him.

Skill 2:

New Mechanic: Potshot's warning line is visible in the field of view. (Note: In the original version of the skill, this cannot be seen without Elsu's vision, and this also applies to invisibility)


(4) Wisp

Behind the change:

Wisp's passive enables her to make excessive use of the might buff. As her wildling-clearing efficiency is particularly high, her win rate as a Jungler is way too high. For this reason, we are limiting the effect of her passive on wildlings to balance her strength as a Jungler.


New Mechanic: The additional magic damage of the passive does not apply to all wildlings.


(5) Valhein

Behind the change:

Valhein is weak in all stages of the game and needs a lot of care. The structure and special effects of Valhein's passive's enhanced glaives are quite complicated, which means beginners need to invest a lot of time and effort to understand how to use him. In this round of tweaks, we have sorted and simplified the structure and functionality of the enhanced glaives in the hope that this will help players understand and use him.

We have also increased his overall damage to make Valhein stronger. At the same time, we have made it easier for him to stack his passive to increase his stutter-stepping efficiency.


Red Glaive: 100 +24/Lv. +0.7 AP +1.0 AD magic damage ——> 160 +30/Lv. +0.7AP magic damage and 1.0 AD physical damage

Blue Glaive: 75 +9/Lv. +0.55 AP +0.75 AD magic damage, recovery of 20 HP and 5 mana ——> 80 +15/Lv. +0.55 AP magic damage and 1.0 AD physical damage, without the recovery of 20 HP and 5 mana

Yellow Glaive: 75 +9/Lv. +0.55 AP +0.75 AD magic damage and stun for 0.25s ——> 1.0 AD physical damage and stun for 0.5s

Damage type structure: Pure magic damage → 1.0 AD physical damage (can trigger critical hits) + other magic damage (cannot trigger critical hits)

Increased movement speed effect: 5% per stack, up to 6 stacks; each stack lasts for 2s → 7.5% per stack, up to 4 stacks; each stack lasts for 2.5

Skill 1:

Damage: 275 +35/Lv. +1.0 AD +1.0 AP → 300 +40/Lv. +1.35 AD +1.0 AP

Cooldown Time: 9s-0.4s/Lv. → Fixed at 7s


Bug Fixes

1) Fixed a bug that caused Apocalypse, Loki's Curse, and Frost Cape to perform 2 enhanced normal attacks in a row.

2) Fixed a bug that caused the movement distance of the combo of Raz's Ultimate and Flash to be slightly short.

3) Fixed a bug that caused Thorne's Skill 1 to have an extremely low chance of not being able to select magic bullet.

4)Fixed a bug that Airi's Valentine's Day Avatar Chest and Hayate's Valentine's Day Avatar Chest cannot be opened.