What is Arena of Valor

2018-01-08 15:51:44

Welcome! Glad that you are interested in Arena of Valor, here you will get a little bit more detailed introduction about what is Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor is multiplayer online battle arena game designed for mobile device. Players will be formed into two even teams-RED&BLUE, whoever destroy the base of the opposing side first gets victory. In order to destroy enemy`s base, players have to manage the hero they selected, fight against the opponents, take down all the Defense Towers in at least one of the three paths. Classic 5V5 mode is the most popular one in Arena of Valor, through which you can show your excellent skill as well as explore the strategies with your team.

Before the battle start, you need to select a hero to fight for you. In Arena of Valor, there are various and distinctive heroes for you to choice. There are muscular Tanks who can rush into the battle first and protect teamates like a shield, or mysterious Assassin with high agility to take the enemies' heads with a blink; if you enjoy the pure joy of shooting from distance with massive continuous damage or slay enemies with high-end burst damage, you can go with Marksman or Mage. Don`t worry, there`s also support like Peura with healing power can assist and protect you.


It gonna takes some time for you to become a master of a hero, but its not that hard. As a mobile MOBA game, Arena of Valor optimized the experience for mobile devices, control wheels with your left hand to move heroes around, like a mouse does in computer; and to cast heroes`s ability, you can tap the button on the right side.

Battle begins after the hero is selected. You and your teammates will be spawned in your base, along with the continuously minions. They are your allies heading towards enemies' Base, who will attack every enemy they laid eyes on, and they can also take the damage from Towers for you.
The Towers on each lane are the structures protecting the base, they will land a massive damage on enemies who entered the attacking range. Only by taking down the Towers one by one, you can get steps closer to the final victory.
The area between lanes are jungles. There`s a lot of neutral monsters. You can get gold, experience or some really useful buffs by killing those monsters.

The more experiences and golds you get, the more advantages you and your teammates will get. Besides killing monsters, you can also destroy towers, kill minions, even slay enemy heroes to get yourself quickly leveled-up and well equiped, thus your will be more powerful in the battle.


This is how it works in Arena of Valor - Farming,killing enemies,destroying towers and the enemy base, win!
And of course, if you want to show off your skills, 1V3 or even 1V5, you still need to master the advanced techniques, well, i am not able to teach you that in one video, you will get a grasp of that once you play more games. That's what makes the game more attractive.
Finally, victory are earned by the five of you together, so be nice to your teammates, battle alongside with them, and you will share the joy of the victory at last!

Welcome to Arena of Valor, now, start your battle!