How to Quickly Become a Great Master

2018-01-08 14:41:49

When you first arrive on the battlefield, do you feel unfamiliar with everything? Want to go through the ranks and become a Master? The answers to all these questions can be found in the Training Camp. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the various features of the Training Camp as well as how to use them to turn yourself from a newbie to a Master.


Enter the Training Camp directly from the Main Menu.


The Training Camp currently includes four sections: Tutorials, Practice, Academy and Guide. Let's learn more about them one by one.







Training Camp Tutorials




During the tutorial, you already went through Beginner, Practical and Advanced Training. Many players overlook the optional tutorial: Antaris Battlefield. In this one, you can learn about monster placement on the battlefield, monster stats as well as useful jungling tips. Learning how to jungle is extremely important to being helpful to your team as well as becoming an overall stronger player (since you’ll know how to counter junglers)! You can 30 Gems the first time you complete it, so go and try it now!


All four of these tutorials are repeatable, so feel free to keep trying them again if you want to further familiarize yourself with the basics.





With this feature, you can choose any hero you want for a focused, 1v1 practice. This is perfect for getting familiar with a hero’s abilities and general playstyle. Better yet, you can practice using any hero in the game - not just the ones you own!


When you enter Practice, use the control panel in the upper left to modify your team and the enemy team’s game status. You can level yourself up, turn off cooldowns and become invincible as well as adding Gold. All of these allow you to simulate the game passing by quickly to understand your hero in later stages of the game. These all can help you become a better player. For example, no cooldowns mean you can focus on your skill combos instead of having to wait. In Practice, your opponent is always Thane. Practice can be stopped at any time. Access Settings (wheel icon) on the upper right corner to leave Practice.


Practice is essential to making you familiar with the heroes you want to play as well as understanding the enemy even more!



Visit the Academy for epic knowledge in all things Arena of Valor. You can explore both written and video guides for the game for all heroes, play styles and strategies. Game news and community events can also be found here. We are constantly adding content to this, so make sure you visit often!





If you've finished exploring all of Training Camp and you want to gain EXP, get more Gold, and quickly get more Arcana, then the Guide is for you! You can get a lot of Gold from Daily Quests and Casual Matches; purchasing heroes and Arcana both require Gold and Gems. Guide helps “guide” you in the right direction for earning Gold and Gems, so check it out!


With these tools at your disposal, you can become a Master in no (well some) time! It's time to go into the Training Camp and explore it for yourself!