Abyssal Clash Mode Introduction

2018-01-08 15:42:41

In this episode we are going to introduce everyone to the Abyssal Clash mode in Abyss Canyon.



There is only one creep lane in Abyssal Clash and both sides have two towers. Their bases are connected at either end by the lane.
There is some brush scattered around the side of the creep lane, as well as HP Regen Runes that spawn next to each of the Towers, providing a bit of HP regen.


The fighting goes on every second in an Abyssal Clash - of course, that is, if you don’t die.
You can't just buy whatever equipment you want in Abyssal Clash. Remember to spend all of your gold when an enemy kills you!
You mustn’t forget to try and take down enemy Towers if you can while you’re immersed in the thrill of battle.
If you are low on health and there are no enemies around you, it’s not a bad idea to cross over the creep lane so that a Tower can kill you. The reason for this is that you’ll return with full health and better equipment to again fight the enemy when they come!


It's a great fun! You don't need to be afraid of teammates calling you a noob here! Just go with them when they rush into battle without a thought!
In Abyssal Clash, all the maneuvers and knowledge in the world is useless against a sea of fighting! You live and die with your allies. You can't sit back and watch. Racing your teammates to number one and endless fighting is the best way to tackle Abyssal Clash!